I wish I could tell you more about this beautiful dreadlocked bride with her neo-tribal feather and bone headpiece.

All I know is that her name is Sonya, she got married at a beautiful outdoor location in Santa Barbara, and I think this might be her bridal lingerie. If so: whoa.

…Everything else you'll have to infer for yourself from photographer Chris Hansen‘s Facebook album.

UPDATE: Go feast your eyes on all the amazingness and get the full scoop on Sonya & Jeffery's wedsite. You'll find so much inspiration over there that your head might EXPLODE!

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  1. Well, tell me more about what you want to know, and I’ll do my best to answer…

    I’ve also let the bride know that her wedding made it on here, so perhaps she’ll comment herself.

  2. hi 🙂 it’s me. thanks, erin, i wasn’t aware of this before. i feel bashful…

    but seriously, it was an incredible wedding- the best day of my life, and it was definitely the result of a massive collaboration between us and our amazingly talented community!

    You can see more pics at


    p.s. it’s kind of funny that you found this, ariel, because i’ve read your book and you might recognize some friends in the pictures 😉

  3. p.p.s. yes, the lingerie…and everything else (my corset, skirts, headpiece, and jacket as well as jeffrey’s jacket) was made by jonny and cassidy of skingraft designs. they are the best!

  4. Aha, Sonya! You’re right: I did recognize a lot of faces. Not a surprise, really, since I found your wedding photos on Facebook after my friend Maggie commented on one them. And I see that Brian DJed at both our receptions! 🙂 Long live left coast hippie/raver weddings!

  5. Fabulous photos. Sonya, i love your style. I am floored by how much style you packed into your wedding. I’m generally not a huge fan of dreads but yours look absolutely beautiful in every photo. Skingraft designs did an amazing job on your clothes too!

  6. Ive looked at the wedsite – wow Sonya what a day to remember – it all looked so beautiful! did you hire the fantastic shelters or did you and your creative friends make them – I’d so love something similar at my wedding

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