I wish I could tell you more about this beautiful dreadlocked bride with her neo-tribal feather and bone headpiece.

All I know is that her name is Sonya, she got married at a beautiful outdoor location in Santa Barbara, and I think this might be her bridal lingerie. If so: whoa.

…Everything else you'll have to infer for yourself from photographer Chris Hansen‘s Facebook album.

UPDATE: Go feast your eyes on all the amazingness and get the full scoop on Sonya & Jeffery's wedsite. You'll find so much inspiration over there that your head might EXPLODE!

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Comments on Beautiful dreadlocked bride

  1. Absolutely beautiful. I am extremely intrigued by the mysterious undergarment photo – I want to see more of her gown, know the backstory, etc!

  2. More photos and story would be awesome! I don’t want to sign up for a facebook account just to see the photos, but I’m tempted!

  3. Rest assured that I’m in touch with a photographer who attended the wedding — hopefully he’ll share more photos and more story!

  4. Believe it or not, i think a friend of mine was at this wedding. She was telling me all about the symbolism of the canopy, and all the amazing things these people did to make their wedding filled with meaning. If it is the same wedding, i can’t wait to hear more and see more. From what she was telling me, it was incredible.

  5. That lingerie makes me want to wear bridal lingerie, which is not something I was previously considering.

  6. I was at this wedding, and all I can say is that it was as stunning as the photos make it look.

  7. Oh my goodness, Erin! Can you share some stories with us?

    Also, rumor has it the lingerie is from Skin Graft Designs, makers of insanely beautiful/insanely expensive neo-victorian/steampunky/post-apocalyptic/burner couture. If you want to check out their designs, head over here. I recommend it mostly just for inspiration though — you don’t want to know how much this stuff costs.

    [Updated: JINX, Diana!]

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