Photos by Alica's sister

Offbeat partners: Alicia & Yadira

Date and location of wedding: Honeymoon Island State Park, Florida — 10/23/2020

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: She's from Puerto Rico and I'm from Indiana. We took off during the pandemic and drove from Indiana to Florida. We had no guests at our barefoot beach micro-wedding other than my sister and her family.

Her husband did the ceremony. My sister took photos.

This was a barefoot wedding in the water, in hopes that we'd be grounded by the earth as we said our vowels.

We used nature as our decoration and it was more perfect than the big wedding we were planning ever could have been.

Our vows were so private that we almost whispered them to each other lol.

Our most important lesson was that we didn't need anything but each other to marry. We had a big wedding planned. We had bridesmaids and everything! But during the pandemic, we eventually got cabin fever and decided to just drive from Indiana to Florida While we were there, it was so beautiful that we just went for it. We bought cheap dresses and headed to Honeymoon Island. We celebrated with Cuban cigars and sushi lol.


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