Set out a basket of socks for happy dancing feet

Updated Oct 12 2015
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Photo by Darren Kelley

Want to ensure your guests get their dance on at your wedding? Steal this idea from Jillian and Martin's BBQ and craft beer garden wedding — set out a basket of fluffy, cozy socks for dancing! They're cheaper than buying everyone flat shoes, and think of all the fun sliding you can do on the dance floor. Even guests who don't dance will love the opportunity to kick off their hurt-y fancy shoes and pamper their feet with a little comfy sock action.

  1. I really like this idea! I can never bring myself to go into Old Navy when they do their $1 Flip Flops deal that they do at least once a year. Last year I considered it but I quickly changed my tune when there were lines to the door! Come on! They're normally $2.50 a pair… But I get it, that's an extra $1.50 per person you save. This idea rocks, though!

    • I used to work at ON. Flip flop day is CRAZY. It's bigger than Black Friday. And usually they limit you to only buying five pairs, so ultimately it wouldn't be great for stocking up for a reception anyway. I love this idea so much more!

  2. So smart, this will keep people dancing all night. I've seen this with flip-flops, but socks are so much smarter because they are generally less expensive and the size range will fit more feet!

  3. As someone who fell down the stairs today because of wearing socks and not bare feet, this sounds like a pretty dangerous idea if the floor isn't carpeted. Booze + slippery feet = broken limbs.

  4. Ooooohhh!! We're having a winter wedding and LOVE this idea! A much better alternative to flip flops in December 😉 Thank you!

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