10 bad-ass bespectacled brides (and some grooms in glasses!)

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I love my glasses and covet the look of brides in glasses, especially when paired with a birdcage. They just look so right together to me. It's been a while since we had a collection of brides in spectacles, so I thought it was high time for another look.

We definitely get a lot of them in our real life weddings, so we know it's popular among our Offbeat Brides. Plus, there's a helping of grooms in glasses too. So put on your glasses so you can see what the hell is going on in this superficial snack of sexy bespectacled brides!

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Big black glasses, delicate cat eyes, studious round metals — what's your style and are you planning on rockin' them at your wedding?

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Comments on 10 bad-ass bespectacled brides (and some grooms in glasses!)

  1. Glasses are worn to correct problems with vision, millions of people wear them every day. So, as a glasses-wearer, I don’t see why wearing glasses at your wedding it is made such a big deal of, it’s an everyday thing. I might be missing the point but oh well.

    • Like I said, it’s definitely not a big deal on this site, but we’ve gotten feedback that sometimes friends and family push back when couples want to wear their glasses.

      • I have well-meaning friends and family who implore me to get contact lenses to wear to parties, other people’s weddings or graduation. Lord knows what they’ll say when I let them know I plan to get married wearing glasses.

        • By all means if your more comfortable wearing your glasses and clearly you are then my all means you should wear your glasses for your wedding. I do think that when your doing your wedding pictures it might be a good idea to take your glasses off for few that way as well and that also may make those pushing you to not wear your glasses for your wedding happier as well.

      • THANK YOU for this article. I put my foot down and both Husband and I wore our glasses to our wedding despite many requests not to do so. Our photographer was very accommodating and did a great job avoiding lens reflections. Our photos turned out great – we look like us!

    • Since my mom is helping pay for my wedding I gave her 2 non-negotiables. She said no dogs at the wedding (which I agree, ours aren’t well behaved enough to not jump on the guests or try to steal the cake) and NO GLASSES. I now have to get fitted for contacts…. So I like posts like this to show her that you can wear glasses and still look “bridal”.

    • I was planning to wear my glasses, because, having worn them for the past 22 years, I really feel like I have too much face when I don’t wear them. Like there is nothing bulky, black, and fashionable to break up that VAST expanse of face. I know it’s just because they’re an important part of my mental self-image.

      However, Groom wants me to wear contacts during the ceremony, because he thinks my eyes are bubbly. I’ll still wear the glasses for the reception, since contacts and swimming pools don’t really mix.

      • Oh man, me too! I’ve only been wearing glasses for about 4 years, but they’re already so ingrained in my self-image that I feel like my face is really exposed when I’m not wearing them. The only feeling I can relate it to is when I realize that I forgot to draw my eyebrows on before I went out (blondes of the world, despair)

  2. This appeals to the nerd in me so much. All the hotness! And I’m a required glasses wearer as well as my boyfriend/partner in crime. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. People assume almost 100% of the time that I will be wearing my contact lenses. Which, to be fair, I will for the ceremony. It’s just easier with getting hair and makeup done, as well as with my veil…it doesn’t sit right on my face with my glasses.

    I will, however, be switching over the for reception. My eyes tend to dry out a bit when I drink alcohol, and besides, I will have had them in for over 8 hours by then and will be ready to get those suckers out!

  4. Just seeing the title of this post made me happy. I can’t see without my glasses & I don’t wear contacts. Moreover, glasses are a part of who I am. When I got engaged, SO MANY people asked me if I’d be wearing my glasses on my wedding day. It really stole a little bit of my glasses mojo for a minute there. Yay for birdcage veils and glasses on wedding day. Both are awesome.

  5. I bowed to pressure to go without my specs at my first wedding. This time around… no way. Glasses on, all day long.

  6. I wore glasses at my wedding…wouldn’t be myself without them. Have had a few thoughtless people make comments about it – “What shame about the glasses!”, which is probably a little bit like saying “What a shame about your face!” ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. hahahahah high-larious!

    i actually took my glasses OFF for my wedding, so i wouldn’t be obsessed about ppl staring at me. Sometimes, itz a blessing to be blind. LOL hahahahahahahaah

    • I wore my glasses – I don’t like contacts – but I took my glasses off for a couple of photos in the session with our photographer, per request of my husband. That was a mistake. I too, am a little blind without my glasses. And it shows in the photos. You can tell my gaze is not focused and you can tell I am trying to make out my surroundings. The only photograph without glasses that turned out nice is one where I stare at my husband’s face 5 inches away! (I am near-sighted, so in that case I really was seeing something ;)).

      • I’ve thought about taking mine off for pictures, but my FH loves me in glasses and wants me to wear them. Even though I’ve only had them for about four years, they’re definitely a part of my look. When I first got them, I went to my eye doctor HOPING to need glasses, because I thought my face needed some accessorizing. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Also, I really hate contacts. Even with the soft, breathable ones that the lady on the commercial says she can’t feel, I spent every second of every day I wore contacts wanting desperately to take them out.

        I do want some really pretty frames for the wedding, though. Maybe something sparkly. I’ll have to look for something. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • When I first got contacts, my astigmatism was so bad, I had to wear rigid gas permeable lenses. I told the doctor, “It feels like I have something in my eye!” He reminded me, “You do!”

  8. I love seeing these beautiful bespeckled brides! I have been wearing glasses for 18 years, they are pretty much my signature. I love my plain “basic black” frames ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I am a glasses-wearer, and I was planning to go without on my big day in three months time. This post has made me reconsider!

    I can’t wear contact lenses as I require a prism in one lens, which my optician says can’t be provided in contacts so he won’t let me have them.

    My only worry is spending all that time on rockin’ eye makeup and then people not being able to see it because of my specs… :/

    • My experience is that people do notice, IF you apply enough make-up. So, really, you can go ALL OUT on eye make-up, without feeling ‘too much’ :D.

      • As a makeup artist who also wears glasses, I can assure you that your rockin’ wedding face does not have to be hidden whilst sporting your specs!
        Just make sure you use a healthy helping of under-eye concealer (the frames can cause extra shadows) and Define, Define, Define! If you have bolder, darker frames like I do, try to go for bolder eyeliner as well -Retro cat-eyes look SUPER snazzy with glasses!- and use a slightly deeper shade of your eyeshadow (if you plan to wear any) to define the crease of your eye.
        But most of all, you should feel like YOU! That’s why brides should have the choice to wear what they friggin’ want that day, right?

    • If you have the funds, get some “rimless” glasses – you can see what’s going on around you, you can rock the eye makeup, and people can see it!

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