New Seattle wedding venue we’re freaking out about (opening July 2013)

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You know how we're teaming up with the Lovesick Inc guys to do sweet-ass wedding expos in 2014? Well, a couple weeks ago Megan and I got to tour a brand new venue that our longtime pals over at Urban Light Studios are opening in Seattle's Pioneer Square. It's called AXIS and even its completely unfinished, raw state it was pretty much pants-shittingly awesome…

  • 6000 square feet including integrated art gallery
  • Capacity for 400 (250 seated)
  • 1890 Pioneer Square building with 18′ tall brick arches
  • Book nerds will recognize this as the former space of Elliott Bay Book Co.
  • Wait until you see the back alley (omg, the photo ops!)
  • Opening July 2013
Once it's done, it's going to look something like this…note the books behind the bar!
Once it's done, it's going to look something like this…note the books behind the bar… nice nod to Elliot Bay!

The AXIS Pioneer Square website just went up, and needless to say that we're crossing our fingers that this is where Lovesick Seattle happens in 2014. Also, several of you should get married there so that we can crash your weddings.

music: Lovesick Inc
venues: Urban Light Studios

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Comments on New Seattle wedding venue we’re freaking out about (opening July 2013)

  1. Elliot Bay closed?? Oh, so sad. But how nice that the space is going to live on!

  2. This space is really stunning is going to utterly kick ass! I would love to be involved as a makeup artist/hair styling company if they have a launch event! Please consider me for this!

  3. Drat! Perfect wedding venue after the fact! I wonder if my husband would go for a vow renewal?

  4. Oooh, what an awesome venue. Now I just have to convince my Seattle peeps to get hitched so I can visit! 😉

    • Actually that is an awesome idea! My husband and I met in Seattle. Having an anniversary party here with our friends would rock!

  5. So– I am strongly considering this venue.
    I emailed them and am crossing my fingers that it will fit within our budget constraints.
    I LOVE elliot bay bookstore and I’m sure my boy would love it, too. (Um… I haven’t brought him to the new location yet. Seattle-ite fail!!)
    Our wedding is 12/7/13. Yes. You read that correctly. We had a venue! But things beyond our control are forcing us to find a new one.

  6. Uhm, so this place will not be all the rage anymore by the time I ever get married and it won’t be new and different and you will have like a hundred offbeat bride submissions there by then…. but I totally want my wedding there and it will be awesome. Muahahahaha

  7. Its definitely a great space, unfortunately it’s not run very well.

    I scheduled an appointment to view the space for my own wedding, and when I got there, I was ignored and it took me forever to find the woman I was supposed to meet with. When I finally found her, she asked me to wait and started just started talking to other people who appeared to be her friends for quite some time.

    As amazing as the space is, I would not trust them with my event.

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