6 awesomely adorable couple portraits!

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You'd be surprised how many profile submissions we get where the couple has little to no photos of just the two of them. I was really excited to see so many irresistible portraits that popped up in the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool. Keep 'em coming! Also, feel free to click on a photo you like to see more.

"Squee!" this makes me so happy
Maureen and Alex got married at the Georgetown Ballroom in Seattle. Getting this photo was rather risky, it required a little traffic dodging. But Maureen and Alex laugh in the face of danger. Good thing, because as Maureen said, “the result rocks my socks (or should I say my chucks – which are hidden beneath my skirt).”

Eni & Andrej had a gothic wedding at the Berkeley in Toronto. They recited their vows in their native language, Serbo-Croatian. Although they couldn't find a minister that spoke the language, the one they found was happy to play along. He even wore a black and red cloak as requested!

Sarah and Todd met on thier college's speech and debate team. As a result they did a lot of traveling together. So they had a vintage, travel-themed wedding. I'm about 97% positive that they are zip-lining in this photo. I sure hope I'm right, because that's pretty badass!

a pixie wedding!
Honestly, I FREAKIN' die! Celeste & Yajun had a “pixie” wedding. Originally, they planned on DIYing just a few things. However, once they started they just couldn't stop. They ended up DIYing a photobooth, corsages, a “red packet monster” card box, and more. This photo really leaves me wanting to know every detail of their “pixie” wedding!

Tracey and Scott got married at Lake Tekapo, in New Zealand. Beside the fact that this couple is insanely good looking, I'm totally digging their goth outfits! Now I have to add visiting this place to my ever-growing bucket list…

… Then this photo is unbelievable. Like, it can't even be real! It looks like a scene from a Tim Burton movie or something. Excuse me now, I need to pick my jaw up off the floor.

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Comments on 6 awesomely adorable couple portraits!

  1. Love love love the goth couple! And WOW do I have a serious case of bouquet envy – that pixie wedding arrangement is positively adorable. Gimme gimme gimme that pixie dress while we’re at it!

  2. Lake Tekapo is *gorgeous*… in the evening the mist comes over the mountains and it’s just exquisite. And the sky!
    What a beautiful location for a wedding.

  3. oh, hey that’s me…teehee. Now I better get my butt in gear and add more of our pics to my flickr account!
    I also saw the pixie wedding ones on the OBB flickr pool and it made me so happy and giggly. They are the cutest couple and their pics totally show off their style. Love the natural light and color in this one too…so vivid.

  4. I went to Tracey and Scott’s Flickr page and it’s NOT ENOUGH. I need MOAR! Please, please, please, please feature this couple. I can’t get enough of that dress! And his suit! And her hair! And PLEASE!

  5. The old-tyme travel accessories in Sarah and Todd’s wedding are amazing!
    And WHERE did that peacock hair jewellry come from?? Beautiful!

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