Awesome wedding "china"

Updated Oct 12 2015
wedding "china"!
Thanks to cuttlefish for posting this in the Offbeat Bride flickr group!

I've always thought that wedding china was a silly tradition — who wants flatware you're afraid to use? And I've just never seen china in patterns that I actually like.

As a fabulous alternative, our reader Lauren uploaded this photo of her non-traditional wedding china. (Adding: "beat that, tiffany & co!") Sarah Cihat makes amazing rehabilitated dishware, complete with silhouettes of animals, jolly rogers, rockers, and pin-up girls.

There's also this post on our sister site, Offbeat Home: This ain't your mother's china pattern: Where can we find offbeat china? It features tons of china in awesome patterns and strange shapes.

  1. Actually, the reason bone china is so popular is because it's very, very durable. Sure, there are exceptions, like stuff that goes by "china" simple because it's formal and anything with metal bands on it because it'd durable but can't go in the dishwasher, but overall china is a good move because it's truly hard to break and comes in a pretty variety. Personally, I prefer stoneware and other such because I don't mind breaking dishes occasionally if it means I get to change them without finding a place to store the others, but people should actually use their good china!

  2. Hello Ariel, I love the designs in the image posted here, but when I clicked the link to follow up it said that it did not exist. Any other place that you know of that I can connect with the artist?

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