Crush-worthy wedding photography from Seattle’s Jonas Seaman

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Jonas rocked this rainy day wedding.

Fun fact about our sponsor Jonas Seaman: all the ladies in the Offbeat Empire have a collective crush on him, and harass him on a regular basis… or whenever we're all in Seattle together. Ariel asked him to photograph last fall's Offbeat Empire party and invited him to our tiny staff retreat movie night. You know why? Because we totally dig his combination of awesome personality and incredible talent.

So this time we're not going to just gush about Jonas like we have in the past, we're going to highlight his winning combo of personality and talent by featuring his photos AND his words. WARNING: You might just develop your own crush on Jonas Seaman

Oh Jonas… master of amazing moody lighting.

First of all, you should know that as much as we love Jonas, Jonas loves you all even more. (Is this a love triangle?)

I have to say I am so honored to have been welcomed into the Offbeat Bride community the way I have. I love that Offbeat Bride readers have really resonated with my stuff and have put their trust in me to do what I do. I've been able to be a part of so many amazing wedding days, and I am so grateful to have ended up documenting the weddings of so many creative and diverse couples.
Even a New York wedding photographer hired Jonas to shoot her wedding.

It's totally not a wonder to us why y'all have resonated so much with his style. It's totally one-of-a-kind, yet always celebrates the couples' personalities… kind of like your actual weddings.

I approach wedding photography as a photojournalist. Although I like to experiment and have fun when I shoot, I definitely strive for the photos I take to represent the energy and uniqueness of the people I photograph. I strive to capture the individual feeling of the day. I concentrate on the characters, the environment, and the emotions. I know these photos will be viewed and cherished for many decades to come, so for me what is most important is making sure that the story of the day is fully captured and preserved.
I'm also in love with this photo of bride Katrina.

In fact, Offbeat Bride weddings have made up most of his work for the last year. Dude is so busy that he hired his just-as-awesome girlfriend, Mary, to join the biz.

Because of this he's been able to expand to better suit… well… ALL of you!

Now our bookings have gone national! I love to travel and thanks to Offbeat Bride readers Mary and I have been able to shoot all over the Unites States. In the last several months we've documented weddings throughout the Pacific Northwest, as well as Montana, Utah, California, and four weddings in New York! We also have a few more upcoming weddings in Kentucky and Mexico!

I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful it is for us to be able to travel together to so many different places and be a part of all these truly incredible weddings. And… everyone has been so nice! We've made so many friends now it feels like we have extended family all over the U.S.

You MUST click on this photo to see more of Jonas' pics from Zoe & Jeff's wedding.

Do you see now why we've all collectively fallen in love with Jonas Seaman Photography? Jonas is sweet as hell, talented as fuck, and wants to be there for all Offbeat Brides all over the world. That means you. That means you should click here and snag our boy to shoot your wedding right now!

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Comments on Crush-worthy wedding photography from Seattle’s Jonas Seaman

  1. Yup, you hit the nail on the head…ALex and I totally have a crush on Jonas and Mary too! Coolest people we have ever met (That gang includes you Megan) and most awesomest photographer ever…his work routinely makes me cry happy tears! Go Jonas! Xx get this man booked for your wedding…quickly! He is like hot cakes! X

  2. He’s always at the top of my vendor recommendation lists. Such a joy to work with (as is Miss Mary) and his photos are the EFFING BOMB.

  3. I’ve been crushing on Jonas for over 20 years. I’m sure the only reason I haven’t been crushing on Mary for just as long is that I haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting her.

  4. Jonas is the best. He and Mary are so great to work with. From our first meeting it was just like talking to old friends. In fact, the day of my wedding my hairstylist asked if we knew eachother. I told her that we only met when I booked him for my wedding and she seemed surprised. Jonas is committed to telling the story of your day and he puts a lot of time and thought into his work. After spending 15 months planning this one day, I am so thankful to have all these beautiful pictures to look at and remember each wonderful moment. If you’re thinking of booking him I suggest you do it now while you still can!

  5. Wedding pictures need to be picture-perfect. I love the pics especially the variation of settings. Not everyone can extend the celebration to places coz of busy scheds and all those stuffs. Definitely, it takes a great couple and a superior quality photographer to have all these nice pics. Congratulations to the both of you!

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