An in-depth look at why Seattle wedding photographer Jonas Seaman is so insanely awesome

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Long-time readers should know who Jonas Seaman is by now, for those that don't — he's the Seattle-based wedding photographer that is SO. FREAKING. AMAZING. that we asked him to document our Offbeat Empire party, like no one else could.

That's the same way he shoots weddings — like no one else could. Jonas has an insanely brilliant style that's all his own. And I'm pretty stoked because he recently put out a roundup of his favorite photos from 2011 and it's AMAZING. (Seriously, Here's the comment I left on the post after scrolling through all the pics: “Your photos are really inspiring! You capture beautiful moments in life. Your eye for light is amazing. You inspire me. Thank you.”)

But, before I link you to the post, I want to show off some of Jonas' top 10 favorite wedding photos AND give you a little more insider information on one of the Empire's favorite photographers.

This photo, and the one above it, are from my friends' wedding. They both absolutely loved working with Jonas and even invited him to join them on holiday!
This was one of my MOSTEST favorite photos. I love update on one of the classic, couples holding hands standing next to each other poses with the addition of brightly colored movement from a child.
In fact, a lot of my favorite 2011 Jonas photos were of children. And if Jonas can make me go awwww over a photo of a child, that is some special-ass photo.

I hear all these wedding photographers complain about how boring their weddings are, the same thing over and over again, and maybe I'm just on some kind of pink cloud or something, but I keep thinking I must be incredibly blessed to have the best clients in the world.
What did I say about the make-up thing!? I would FRAME this photo, it's so great.
There's also something about the way he frames his photos, He puts as much thought into the edges of a photograph as he does the subjects.

If, by now, you're going, “holy crap! Megan's right! This Jonas guy is the coolest wedding photographer. I must have him for my very own.” You'll be happy to know that he's open for bookings anywhere in the US. He's already been asked to shoot wedding from Canada, to Kentucky, Montana, New York and even California where he'll be shooting his first same-sex wedding! (Psst: their engagement shoot is pretty great.)

Oh, but there's more engagement shoots, breath-taking wedding photos, even some adorable animals, and business inspiration on Jonas Seaman's latest blog: The Year I Jumped. But before you click over, make sure to book him for your wedding first!

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Comments on An in-depth look at why Seattle wedding photographer Jonas Seaman is so insanely awesome

  1. I clicked through to the engagement shoot mentioned in the second last paragraph, and I’m so glad I did; it’s (they’re) gorgeous! So evocative. I’ve never really done the whole professional photographer thing, but all these pictures are a joy to look at in themselves, regardless of whether you’re taking anything practical from it.

  2. These are SO beautiful. And Jonas’ photos from the Empire party were SO lovely. AND! He’s super nice. I had a great chat with him that night. <3 Jonas!

  3. wow! What amazing work! I’m not sure if professional photography is going to be in our budget, but I am so hoping it is. I want fabulous photos like this so badly.

  4. Jonas photographed our wedding on Orcas Island this past summer. And everything you’ve said above is so very true! He’s super easy to work with, affordable and just totally cool. And AMAZING. All of my friends and family completely adored him. And we were lucky enough to spend some time with him and Mary over the holidays as well. They are amazing people and Jonas’ work speaks for itself. I couldnt be more grateful if I tried. 🙂

  5. JONAS we love you!!!!! …and you of course Megan but seriously Jonas, the pictures of our Seattle wedding are TRULY fantastic and we felt especially touched to have made your 2011 round up! Unfortunately for you we no longer class you as ‘our wedding photographer’ but as our friend!! Get outta that one! Thanks again for capturing the moments we loved and the moments we missed and will now cherish forever! You rock! Xx everyone reading…BOOK HIM NOW! You will be disappointed when his calendar is full!

  6. looking at his fantastic work makes me want to get married just so i have a good excuse to hire him take gorgeous pictures. and i love that EVERY SINGLE PHOTO i saw looks different, nothing is repeated.

  7. Jonas is the bomb. He has such enthusiasm & passion for his work & it clearly shows in his end product. I have been fortunate enough to work with him on 2 occasions & am looking forward to our future endeavors. I recommend him to ANYONE ANYWHERE getting hitched!

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