Adorable emailed wedding invitations with dinosaurs and monsters

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Artist Ann Marshall and her husband had quite possibly created the cutest emailed wedding invitations I've ever seen. Seriously, at one point there's an adorable T-rex who photo bombs a picture of a New York city sky line.

You gotta see it! But first I'll let Ann explain their masterpiece:

As an artist, I have high standards to all things visual, but was priced out of the letterpress invitations the etiquette books all said were required for the type of event we were throwing. Not wanting to use a cheaper version of something nicer, we reinvented the paradigm.

Their guests received this first panel in their email inbox, and clicked through to the end, which you should do now:

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Comments on Adorable emailed wedding invitations with dinosaurs and monsters

  1. I love not just the design, but the idea behind it! “Not wanting to use a cheaper version of something nicer, we reinvented the paradigm.” YES! That’s what it’s all about! 😀

  2. When parents are single/remarried/deceased, it is often challenging to deal with in invitation wording. In addition to being one of the most creative, personal, unique and adorable invitations I’ve ever seen, these deal with that challenge in a way that made me smile from ear to ear, and the image representing your husband’s father is so sweet it made me a bit emotional. Bravo to you Ann! Truly brilliant!

    • That was one of my FAVORITE parts. Made me a little teary-eyed, I’ll be honest.

  3. This is really sweet, actually, in addition to being very well done. The picture of your husband’s father was very sweet. Awwww.

  4. Oh shit. I LOVE the juxtaposition of the fairly formal language and the adorable clay dinos. Well done!

  5. BWAHHHHHHH! This is so adorable and clever and touching. Nice work, Ann! I think my favorite is the T-Rex rocking out. AWESOME.

  6. I absolutely adore this invite. What a wonderful idea. I hope you had an incredible wedding to go with your awesome invitations ^_^

  7. Oh I love that! I found the perplexed dinos looking at the iphone GPS map to be cute to the nth degree.

  8. love-love-love… from the picture of the late dad to the GPS scene to well, everything!!!

  9. This is the cutest, coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I would LOVE to get this in my inbox. Great idea and brilliant execution.

  10. This is the best invite I’ve ever seen – If I received an invite like this, I would do anything necessary to make it to the wedding because I know it would be fantastic!

  11. This, LITERALLY, is LOL funny!!!!!!!!!! …and SO FRIGGIN’ CREATIVE!!! I’m not a huge dino freak, but I don’t need to be to love, LOVE, LURVE this invite. Wow. Seriously. So very well done. 🙂

  12. Oh no! I can’t see the invite 🙁

    The screen say :The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.”

    I wanna see the little dinosaur.

  13. Please, oh please! I neeeeeeeeeeed to see this in its entirety!!!

    Any way to get a hold of Ann Marshall to have her fix the link? I think when she updated her website, the invite got deleted. She would make so many of us insanely happy.

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