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Sunset BrideLast year I was contacted by someone on Flickr who was collecting wedding photos for a book about the unseen wacky and wild sides of brides. They wanted to use this photo in the book. I was a little weirded out by the fact that they were building a book of photographs that they weren't paying for (??) but I agreed to let them use the photo, contingent on them mentioning Offbeat Bride in the caption. These are the things one does when trying to publicize a book.

Anyway, their book is finally out, and it makes me SO ANGRY. Sure, they failed to credit Offbeat Bride as agreed, but that's actually a relief, because I don't want my book to have anything to do with this one. I'm not even going to tell you the name of the book, because I refuse to do promotion-by-proxy for these folks, but I have to tell you about how much this book sucks and how pissed I am that my photo is in it.

Despite the fact that the authors publicly announced that the book wouldn't be “mean-spirited,” the captions mock every bride in the book for being drunk, trashy, geeky, weird, angry or any number of other things including … dressed up in a costume. Because yes, despite supposedly containing “Wedding photos you were never meant to see,” the book contains several Halloween and cosplay shots that weren't taken at weddings at all. This one comes to mind — it shows a costume-maker wearing an Arwyn dress she made. She's not a bride. The photo isn't from a wedding.

Oh, and don't even get me started on the QUALITY of the pictures in the book. Most of the photos are crunchy and low-resolution web shots, so they look bad. I mean, really really bad. The book not only mocks brides, but then it has the audacity to look like it was produced on a dot matrix printer.

I'm certainly not offended by them mocking my wedding picture — I'm the one who calls my wedding a freakfest, for fucksake! — but I'm totally angered by the misrepresentation of the project, mocking of nontraditional brides, shit print quality, and fact that it's supposedly wedding pictures when some of the folks are obviously not at weddings. The book seems to be aimed at straight and narrow brides who want to mock anyone who deviates from the “demure princess with a closed-mouth smile” routine.

Anyway, I did what any disappointed reader would do: I wrote a carefully worded negative review on Amazon. In response, someone wrote a review that included reference to “not trusting reviews from the monster brides in the book.”

OH NO YOU DI'INT. Did you just call me a fucking MONSTER BRIDE?!

Anyway, this post serves no purpose other than to bitch and say that some authors are lame and you should never let anyone reprint your wedding photos ever. Pthththth!

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Comments on Authors behaving badly

  1. It’s a shame that someone would create a childish, bitter, spiteful book in the first place! Who are they to mock someone elses special day?! So what if a bride wants a drink. or to pull a face for pictures!!

    I also suspect that the publishers/writers have planted the other comments to encourage people to pick the book up. At least I hope so… unfortunately there are many small minded folk out there! Thankfully, us Offbeat Brides don’t give a flip and will have our day as we want it.

    Bummer you’ve been conned Ariel, but keep up the good work! x

  2. OMG Ariel I saw that book at my barnes and noble and I was like, “this is mean and awful, why would people want this?!?” I just know it’s going to make a bunch of brides cry who receive it as a ‘gag’ wedding gift. I only skimmed through it and thankfully did not see your picture, because I would have been far more angry at the ass-holes who made this book. I applaud you for standing up to them on amazon and making your readers aware of how trashy and poorly made this book is. Go you Ariel!

  3. I am pretty certain I know what book you are talking about.

    That explains alot.

    I was at a local bookstore and stumbled upon it in the “Gag Gift Impulse Buy” area of the store.

    I flipped through it for a few pages but didn’t find it funny. And no, I am not a humourless “Weddings R serious bizness” bride. Most, if not all of the picture are online at various sources, that I am certain the publishers didn’t pay to use.

    It was just a mean book.

    When I get home tonight, I am going to go on Amazon and leave a review as well.

  4. Well you should see some of the other books the author has written. Not that there’s anything wrong with cute pictures of animals making you feel better (hello; but really? A fat dog giving us inner beauty secrets? Really?

    I think making mean-spirited fun of other peoples weddings is just wrong. How are you even “behaving badly” in your photo?

  5. Shannon, my picture was captioned “And if you turn her southwest, you can even get Showtime!”

    At first I just didn’t get it, but then I realized it was a weak jab at my enormous ribbon buns. Which is fine, you know. They were ridiculous! But I can make fun of myself WAY better than that.

    I think that’s the book’s biggest crime. If it’s going to be mean, it could at least be hilarious, like I mean, if you’re going for snark and cruelty, at least make people laugh. As it stands, the book is both mean AND lame.

  6. oh my god delurking to say how angry this makes me. i love your wedding pictures, in fact if you could have weddings outdoors in the UK i would be copying your weding entirely! yet another example of women being made to feel bad if they dare to stray away from the wedding industry.
    and it sounds like its not even funny- god what a waste of trees!

  7. Ooh, how dare they. Some of us pride ourselves on being drunk, trashy, geeky, weird and angry. The authors certainly don’t have as much fun as we do. I hope they see the light someday soon, how boring their lives must be . . .

  8. That sucks. Why would someone go through the trouble to publish something like that… I can’t imagine anyone sitting around actually coming up with a ridiculous idea like that?

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