How to DIY your own cupcake wrappers

Cupcakes are the bestest… we all know that right? There's a new trend in weddings to go portable with the sweets, and cupcakes fit the bill. Homemade or gourmet, they're hard to resist and I have a fancy schmancy new way for you to DIY dress up your little cupcake morsels of delight!


How to DIY a festive wedding banner

We've showed you how to make a simple yet elegant doily bunting banner and a playful and sweet felt bunting banner… now let's take a look at our final tutorial in this three part DIY series on making festive wedding banners! Wooooo!


How to DIY a felt bunting wedding banner

Bunting banners are a fabulous way to make your special day all yours. DIYing and making can help you save money, explore your own creativity and wow your friends and family with your amazing ingenuity. This is part two of a three part DIY tutorial series on creating a special banner for your big day!


How to DIY a festive wedding banner: Part 1

In lieu of bunting banners, we had Mexican papel picado paper banners at our wedding, but making buntings is an easy and super chic way to DIY and personalize your wedding space. Make it totally you!