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When Megan's not writing, traveling, and sleeping, she's eating like the fate of the world depends on it. (You're welcome, world!) You can snoop into her personal life over on her website The Dash and Dine!

ADHD wedding planning: putting the FUN in executive dysfunction

If you have ADHD, more than likely any type of “planning” is not your favorite activity. And yet, here you are: wedding planning with ADHD. Before you get overwhelmed and stop reading, listen to me: You can do this. I know, because I have ADHD and executive dysfunction and I planned not one but TWO weddings. Lemme help ease that overstimulated brain of yours and give you some tips on ADHD wedding planning.

The Redwood Wedding: All men must dine

The Redwood Wedding: All men must dine

This is what happens when a former Offbeat Bride editor marries a foodie and Game of Thrones nerd.

My favorite wedding purchases that brought me the most joy

I’m currently (and finally!) writing my wedding profile for The Redwood Wedding. While I’ve been re-visiting The Blessed Day, I’ve been revisiting some of my details. I thought I’d highlight the wedding purchases that brought me the most joy. Maybe they’ll do the same for you, or spark some inspiration for your wedding. Then I want to hear about yours!

Ask your parent to “support you down the aisle”

Even though having my father escort me down the aisle was one of my favorite memories from my first wedding, the second time I got married, I felt it was important to not make A Big Deal out of the processional. I thought I’d either walk down the aisle alone — an independent woman making her own life choice — or walk down the aisle with my partner, like no biggie.

Either way, no one was “giving me away” this time. That was for sure.

Then two things happened…

These time-lapse videos will change the way you think about capturing moments at your wedding

The fast pace of these time-lapse wedding videos is unconventional and fun to watch, the speed actually reflects the fleeting nature of experience itself. If you’ve been married you know that the day goes by in flashes and snippets. Now your wedding video can reflect your exact memories of the day…

These are the biggest rings Joseph Jewelry has ever made, and they’re freaking glorious

We were shocked and delighted by their HUGE AF gemstone rings. So we thought we’d share with them you in a new post! Beyond gawking at the stupendousness of these bad boys, we can also talk about ways to make gemstones or make a diamond look bigger…