I have a whole tag category for brides in glasses for y'all's myopic browsing pleasure … and I've got a new bride to add to the collection. This is Miss Sassy-Ass Adele from Australia:

And as if the glasses and the skull garter weren't enough to make this wedding seriously amazing,
check out the dramatic sky in this shot:

Sure, sure: sunny weddings are nice. But give me a stormy wedding any day!

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  1. Oh that is SO awesome. I’m planning on wearing my glasses on my wedding day, but I’ve been having trouble finding inspiration for dresses/hair/general style. I can’t wait to read all the other posts tagged for glasses. Thanks for mentioning it! 🙂

  2. Love it. Both these shots are awesome.

    I’m still deciding if I want to wear my glasses on my wedding or not. They look so good though. This may just convince me . . .

  3. Hooray for brides with glasses! I’m getting tired of people asking me if I’m going to wear my glasses or not. I wear them every day–of course I want to see my husband! I wouldn’t feel like myself without them.

  4. That first picture is possibly the HOTTEST bride OBB has ever featured. Gals in glasses rock!

    I didn’t wear my glasses – which are dark red thick lenses – because the weather was perfect for my eyes (overcast, stormy and no glare). If it had been anything else, I would have worn them.

  5. YAY! love the glasses. i have worn glasses my whole life, yet people still ask me if i am NOT going to wear them for the wedding. they feel so much apart of me. i would feel nekkid without them! 🙂

  6. I can thank this site for inspiring me to wear my glasses on my wedding day, something that I think almost killed my hairstylist from shock! It even gave me an excuse to get a fancy new pair, which I save for special occasions now.

  7. scunshine – that is the best plan! Costco or chains like that have frames for $40 – in the end come to $100. Not bad to pick up an additional pair for fun in a fun color, etc. (I am guilty of having multiple pairs + sunglasses from there)

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