All photos by Pixie Rouge Photography.

Meg and RJ planned an Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding at Gum Gully Farm, a rustic wedding venue in Melbourne, Australia, that plays host to a delightful collection of wildlife. In fact, a certain goat on the farm played a pretty central part in creating a pretty hilarious Brady Bunch-style wedding party photo!

The wedding was super DIY-heavy, as Meg bought most of the supplies for her decor and made everything herself — including the candle-and-twig centerpiece you'll see below.

Plus, wait until you see the hilarious bridesmaids photo at the end. HA!!


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Comments on An Australian Alice in Wonderland wedding with a side of wildlife

  1. Looks like the bridal party was having so much fun! Beautiful bride and stylish groom and groomsmen. And the Gum Gully farm venue is amazing!

  2. But, but, where is the photo with Meg swigging from the champers bottle and the 2 bridemaids on the right making out?! YOU GUYS! (I went to school with Meg – she’s pretty awesome!)

    • The photographer didn’t send it to us! I just went back into the submission to make sure.

      • How annoying! That photo is awesome – I wonder why it wasn’t in the submission? Weird.

        • Follow up: the photographer sent it over and I just added it to the post!

  3. Almost had a heart attack seeing people I know featured on OBB. Such beautiful people!

  4. I am in awe of how amazing this wedding was! And all the people involved! So much gorgeous. The last picture is the best thing I’ve seen all day. (and I watched an amazing sunset over the water in Seattle, so that’s saying something!)

  5. I think I’m totally crushing on this entire wedding and wedding party! Freaking fantabulous!

  6. Hi Guys,
    Im Anna from Pixie Rouge. Hehe thanks for the awesome comments on Meg & RJ’s awesome wedding, it was so much fun to photograph!
    Someone mentioned the photo where the bridesmaids are kissing, I cant believe I forgot to leave it out of my submission! But I have emailed it to Offbeat Brides in case they want to add it. The goat pic is my fav 🙂
    Anna xxx

  7. Wow!! I want to see more of this wedding! And now I kinda wanna move my wedding from perth to Melbourne 😛

  8. Can we just pause for a moment to talk about her hair? Seriously it is like jaw-droppingly gorgeous hair. And I would totally sacrifice my ability to always win at Jenga to the hair gods if my hair could look like that on my wedding day.

    ::bows down to Hocus Pocus Hair Design:: I bitterly regret that you are located on a different continent.

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