The Golden Soul Love Shakedown from Lauren McGlynn Photography

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Lauren McGlynn is a photographer based in Aberdeen, UK, and she friggen' rocks. She has this way of capturing little moments and making them look so epic. Take that engagement photo featured above — Epic, amaright?

Today I bring you more visual epicness from the wedding of Starla and Thomas from Lauren McGlynn Photography.


Starla and Thomas had one of the most heartwarmingly stunning weddings EVAR. Lauren tells me that they dubbed their wedding the “Golden Soul Love Shakedown.” And wait till you see the rest of the rest of Lauren's incredible images from the Shakedown…

4144458865_7faf232181Just look at that amazing dress and tell me you don't want to have it for your very own. Also, I love how Lauren made a hotel room look so vibrant and beautiful. That, my friends, ain't easy.


While the term “photojournalism style wedding photography” is more in vogue at the moment, being a total photo geek I think there is a difference between photojournalism and documentary style. To me documentary photography means finding beauty in things or moments that would otherwise be considered banal.
Lauren McGlynn

Even her photos in an elevator look HAWT! And so do these ladies, I mean WOW!

4145348994_672d8feaebThe look on the groom's face just makes my stomach do a flippy-flop.


With Lauren's wedding packages starting at just £1600, I'd say that's one hell of deal. And it's one anyone can take advantage of because Lauren has no problems traveling!

So, as I see it you have two options now… Go to Lauren's blog to see the rest of the amazing photos from the Golden Soul Love Shakedown wedding or check out Lauren's website to see more of amazing portfolios. No matter which one you choose, it should definitely end in you booking her for your golden soul love shakedown.

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  1. starla, love your dress, but…

    your fascinator is to die for! <333 it to pieces!

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