Zombies, swords, and bubblegum wedding photos from Austin's Madelinne Grey

Updated Oct 12 2015
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Nate and Kelsey's zombie engagement photo shoot
Nate and Kelsey's zombie engagement photo shoot

Madelinne Grey is an Austin-based wedding photographer, and one awesome gal. You might remember her from her geeky Browncoat foodie wedding we featured earlier this year. Yup, Madelinne is an Offbeat Bride-turned-sponsor!

As you're about to see, Madelinne Grey caters specifically to offbeat couples of all flavors. Which is why she's offering a special deal for all y'all…

DJ and Adrea's Slovak wedding
DJ and Adrea's Slovak wedding

I think this adorable, bubblegum and smiles wedding portrait sums up this quote from Madelinne:

I cater to non-traditional wedding clients by capturing each couple's unique love story. I want the photographs to show who these people are, and why they are so awesome, and how in love they are.

Ugh, that picture, man… She NAILED IT! I feel like I totally know these two lovebirds, just from that photo.

Michael and Lynn's retro ice cream social wedding
Michael and Lynn's retro ice cream social wedding

Because she's been in your shoes, Madelinne knows the struggles and joys of offbeat wedding planning. She gets just as excited as the you do over your handmade details and special moments. Madelinne will also not only encourage fun photo ideas, but she'll probably have a couple ideas of her own. Want an epic romantic kiss photo? Madelinne will clear traffic for ya. Got a wedding party full of sword-weilding bad-asses? Oh, that's totally something she's familiar with…

Nate and Kelsey's Scottish barn wedding
Nate and Kelsey's Scottish barn wedding

She's also familiar with the fact that y'all love a good discount…

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Madelinne Grey is offering $100 off of any wedding package to any offbeat couples — just mention that you saw her on Offbeat Bride.

John Mark and Leah's outdoorsy wedding
JohnMark and Leah's DIY outdoorsy wedding

Madelinne Grey has the whole package: an awesome photographer, a super-cool gal, a former Offbeat Bride herself, and a special discount… How have you not hired her already? Quick, do it now!

  1. I don't usually find myself on this end of the Offbeat Empire, but when I noticed this on my tumblr dash, I had to stop by and say — I love the zombie engagement photo shoot!!

  2. As someone who is worked with maddy, I can attest that all of this is true – and more. She is an offbeat, awesome person TO THE CORE and truly, truly loves what she does. Not to mention, she is awesome at it!

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