From Royal Tenenbaums to rockabilly, Austin photographer Elissa R has got you covered

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Flashback to 2009: Austin photographer, Elissa R was using Offbeat Bride to plan her wedding. As a result, here in 2011, Elissa told us:

“I feel like I was able to have a wedding that was true to ourselves instead of some Wedding Industrial Complex concoction. I feel the same way about the weddings that I shoot now… I would rather be a part of something heartfelt and awesome and a little off-kilter, than something gorgeous but steeped in traditions that don't matter.”

Nothing better than a wedding photographer that freaking gets it. Amma right? Wait, actually there is one thing that would make it better — a discount for clients who freaking get it. Elissa R Photography is offering BOTH.

Elissa is a self-described nerd who likes to geek out about World War II films and the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice, and wears thick geek glasses (and looks adorable doing it). She's also the one-woman force behind Elissa R Photography — she the one answering all your emails, shooting all your photos, doing all of the editing, and designing your fabulous wedding album. She's also someone that you're actually going to love spending time with (and you WILL be spending a lot of time with your photographer) because she's all about getting to know you as a couple.

In order for her to get to know you better, when you book Elissa R Photography, you always get a complimentary engagement session with every wedding photography package. And, wow, does she rock the hell out of engagement shoots, from this sexy rockabilly session to the quirky Royal Tenenbaums-inspired session!

Of course, since Elissa was also an offbeat bride herself, she knows that besides amazing photos and complimentary engagement shoots, what you really want is a good deal. Therefore, voilà:

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Elissa R Photography is offering 10% off of your wedding package price to anyone who mentions that you found her through Offbeat Bride.

So when you want a wedding photographer who's been there, who gets it, who's been all up in the thick of offbeat bride wedding planning madness and came out of it with a passion for your crazy wedding and engagement shoot ideas: get in contact with Elissa R Photography! Because this offbeat bride turned rad vendor gets it.

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  1. I’m half of the Royal Tenebaums couple and I can tell you that in addition to taking awesome pictures of you, Elissa is an amazing person who you will genuinely enjoy hanging out and working with. Hire her! It was one of the best wedding decisions we made.

  2. Yay! As someone who used to live in Austin it’s so great to see more Offbeat Austin photographers carrying the torch. These pictures are stunning. Go Elissa!

  3. As the photographer of that awesome photo of Elissa, getting to know her was amazing. Elissa is hilarious, down-to-earth, and totally professional. Not to mention TOTALLY nerdy. But that’s okay because that’s what makes her the best offbeat wedding photographer in Austin I know!

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