3 reasons to book a pin-up session with Austin’s Anna Zatopek

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If you're a Texan who loves the vintage aesthetic, and you're sexy and you know it, then let me re-introduce you to Anna Zatopek. She photographs all kinds of things from weddings to families and babies… but what she wants to do right now is take take scandalous photos photos of you. Yup, gorgeous pin-up photos like these.

And here's three reasons why you should let her…

(WARNING: Not safe for work 'cause of sexy sexual photography.)

Reason 1: What will your grandkids think?

I love digging through piles of old photos of my family members. Imagine if you stumbled upon a picture of your grandma as a pin-up? Holy cow, that would be amazing. That is why I do this.

Anna brings up an excellent point — there is an undeniable awesomeness of your progeny finding your gorgeous pin-up photos one day.

Reason #2: Feel fucking awesome about your awesome self
These sessions are an amazing self esteem boost. Remember our this post: Why you should consider boudoir photos. Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love my body? Basically, having your hair and make-up done and playing dress up is always nice, and it's a good reminder that, “oh yeah, I'm hot as fuck!”

Reason #3: Give fap-worthy gifts
The results of pin-up sessions make for spectacular gifts guaranteed to make the receiver's eyes bulge, cartoon character-style. Many of Anna's clients have used their sessions as gifts to their partners as wedding, anniversary, birthday, Valentine's or Christmas gifts. They make amazing gifts since it's basically you looking HAWT, bound in an heirloom-quality album. Or gallery-wrapped canvas, or — ooh! — a sexy pic of you every month with a calendar, or card, etc. (Check out Offbeat Home for even more ideas on how to display your sexy pin-up photos.) Best gifts ever? Me thinks so.

Anna Zatopek's Pin-up shoots start at $850 and for that you get three hours, four to six outfit changes, hair and make-up by a professional artist and an online private gallery for sharing and product ordering. Not to mention the joy of seeing your partner's OMFG face.

Have you not seen your partner's OMFG face in a while? That's okay, click here and get ready to see it again.

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Comments on 3 reasons to book a pin-up session with Austin’s Anna Zatopek

  1. I do “the pinup thing” every day and I STILL love vintage-style boudior shoots. I recommend everyone try one at least once. You’ll look at the pics and think, “Holy Hell! That’s me?! I’m sexy!” 🙂

  2. I did a boudoir shoot last summer with a local photographer here in Anchorage, and I totally agree with all of these! I LOVED doing the boudoir shoot! I did it on a whim, and initially thought “oh no way can I do this completely sober”, I thought for SURE I’d need some liquid courage to get through it, but it wasn’t necessary at all! A good photographer can make you feel at ease, even when you’re wearing very very little, and once you look at those shots, yes, it is a MAJOR ego boost. I can look at those and say “I may be a 30-something mom who’s body has been through multiple pregnancies and definitely is NOT the same as it was in High School when I was thin and cute, but DAMN am I hot stuff!!” It definitely perks you up when you’re having a “blah” day and you feel icky, and grungy, and boring, and SOOO not sexy.

  3. Lol @ fap worthy
    ‘oh yeah, I’m hot as fuck!’
    We all need that reminder sometimes

  4. I actually DO have pictures of my grandma as a pin-up and they are awesome. She took them for my grandpa when he was in the army during WWII.

  5. I wish I was in Austin!! I have wanted to do this for the wedding for me and the FI. You guys don’t know of a similar photographer in New Orleans do you? I’m sure there are some around, but I’d love recommendations from here because these pictures are amazing and I’d love to find something similar close to home.

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