Bouquet by Real Bad Kitty Creations

Never have I seen so much colorful Muppet hilarity in one wedding. (And we've seen some Muppets!). A Muppet cake (with awesome sheet cake alternative), Muppet felt bouquets, doppelgänger hand puppets, and an ANIMAL BAND(!!) make Cristina and Trevor's wedding a total nostalgia-fest.

There were even felt Muppet eyes and props for the photo booth. Plus, they totally embraced the colorful theme with their Technicolor outfits, especially Cristina's amazing emerald-green dress and shoes.

The Mansion in Austin was a super cute backdrop that looks like a big piece of blue cake. I am so jealous of Ryan Green Photography for getting to see this first-hand. Feast your eyes and get smacked in the face with color!






Poetic License shoes!
Learn to make these here!


These were made by hand from this tutorial.







Want to see more Muppet madness from this wedding? Check out the slideshow over at Ryan Green's blog post. OH, and check out our own archive of puppet-y wedding goodness!

Here are some of the vendors that made this party rock:

Comments on Technicolor Muppet madness at this Austin wedding

  1. I love this so much! The colors are beautiful and everything goes together great.

  2. This is so sweet! I love the colors. The diy stuff with the muppets is so well made and such great quality and attention to detail! Awesome! And it was in Austin! All the better.

  3. The cake strips are brilliant! The prospect of having sheet cakes was making me wince (I associate them with bad grocery-store cake) and those are a cute alternative. Plus, more options for cake/frosting combos!

  4. Wow! This looks like the most fun EVER. The bride looks gorgeous in that green dress, and it looks like a party that rocked. Congratulations!

  5. This is one of those weddings where even tho it’s totally not our vibe, I kinda WANTED it to be our vibe because it was just SO damn cute and looked so FUN!!! Way to go!

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