9 mind-blowing offbeat wedding images from Atlanta’s Gemini and the Bear

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Gemini and the Bear are a husband and wife photography and videography team from Atlanta. They've been an Offbeat Bride sponsor for the last year, working closely with our readers to shoot a ton of offbeat weddings, and MAN do they have some amazing images to show for it.

This past year has been insanely amazing and it is all thanks to the beautiful Offbeat Bride community that welcomed us into their hearts and their wedding days… Our couples truly make us happy and we are so lucky to do what we love together. Thank you to all of the couples from 2016 for partnering with us on your ethereal, artsy, creative visions, and choosing us to document those visions come to life. Thank you for working with us to create amazing photos…

Wanna see what those amazing photos look like? Get ready to get inspired, while you learn more about this Atlanta wedding photography team!

What makes Gemini and the Bear perfect for the offbeat crowd:

Ryan and Jenevieve both come from a music background — Jenevieve worked production, and Ryan was a photographer for bands and festivals. They both spent their formative years in an artistic world were unconventional is the norm and creativity was rewarded. As they put it, “You have to be quick, confident and think outside of the norm to make it in music. There are no do-overs, or stopping the show — you’ve got to run with it and create the most rewarding experience possible for all involved.”

Gemini and the Bear's advice three sacred rules of wedding planning:

As a bride myself, I asked Ryan and Jenevieve what their best advice, as professional wedding photographers, was for wedding planning. And they gave me their “three sacred rules.”

  1.  Plan ahead of time
  2. Be prepared for things to not go as planned
  3. Have a contingency plan

But, after getting to know these two, I'd say that I have only piece of advice for Atlanta couples:

  1. Book Gemini and the Bear to shoot your wedding

Here's how Gemini and the Bear goes beyond wedding photography:

When you book with us we do everything in our power to assist in making your day the best and most relaxing it can be. Leading up to the wedding we put together a shot list for you (of course you are always welcome to create your own), meet for a relaxed consultation over dinner and/or drinks and work with you to build a schedule. Once on site, we will come prepared with a “bridal survival kit” and be there to help in anyway you may need, whether it be holding your bouquet during photos, reeling in Uncle Bob, or grabbing you a refreshing beverage. Oh, and we will take gorgeous photos for you too!

One more reason to book Gemini in the Bear:

They have a special discount for Offbeat Bride readers…

Offbeat Discount:

Gemini and the Bear offers 10% off of any package and combination of services (does not apply to a la carte). Just tell 'em you saw them on Offbeat Bride to take advantage of their discount.

From all these incredible images, we can already tell Gemini and the Bear is going to be in high demand this year. So you'd better act quickly and book these guys fast!

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  1. Some super cool photos here. These are some of the most original wedding photos, I have seen.

  2. Husband and wife photographer teams have proven to be the best! Must be something about the harmony between the two partners that allows them to create such amazing pictures.

    • I totally agree. Living and working together, we practically know what the other is thinking just by one glance! It also helps we know what the other is about to do before they do it and can move in sync. We are so blessed to work together doing something we love and thank OBB for connecting us with couples across the world to work with! 🙂

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