High school sweethearts get married 18 years after their first date

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This wedding comes with a sweet story. Ricardo and Marica met in high school, with a first date at Six Flags. They eventually went their separate ways, but the wonders of technology 18 years later brought them together via Facebook. After that, they vowed never to lose touch again.

Tessa from Light Love Laughter Photography gave us these photos of their orange and brown-themed wedding day in Atlanta. The bride's ink, lots of flowers, an outdoor ceremony, and some Bailey's favors make this day look really fun.

For more of this love-fest in Atlanta, head over to Light Love Laughter's blog about the event.

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Comments on High school sweethearts get married 18 years after their first date

  1. The whole setting is very beautiful, especially that blue sky. Hope the weather is that nice for my day!

  2. I came over all teary with this couples story…what a beautiful wedding.

    I came over all jealous at the beautiful blue sky above their beautiful venue. My wedding is going to be in Ireland in December and it will be grey and miserable. I have total wedding envy right now!

    • I’m sure your wedding will still be lovely and beautiful- despite gray skies or not. I’d trade a wedding in Ireland for blue skies any day! 😉

  3. So much love for that bouquet.

    Great story, beautiful colors and a seriously cute couple!

  4. This is such a sweet story, and one I can relate to almost to the letter. My fiance and I dated for one month in high school when we were 14 and after that lost touch for 7 years. Fast forward to this past August, we reunited via facebook, I moved 1100 miles, and we’re getting married in 2.5 months. It’s so crazy the things life brings [or in this case brings back] to you! These two are so adorable and their wedding looks just fabulous!

  5. Omg that first photo!

    It just oozes love. The way those two look at each other is just so cute, cheeky and lovey all at the same time!

  6. what a gorgeous wedding! Congrats to the happy couple. Also, the bride is rocking that dress! Just beautiful

  7. aww – love it!

    Stories like this always make me all fuzzy inside, and I can relate. Brendan and I met in our freshman year of college (I was 17), became real friends the next year, and began a somewhat tumultuous but close friendship for the next 8 years before we started dating. We didn’t lose touch, but actually getting together was an 8 year process.

  8. I love the orange! On its own it’s one of the colours I like least, but for clothes, accessories etc you can’t beat it. Gorgeous colour scheme for a gorgeous couple. Thanks for sharing your lovely story and special day.

  9. My mum married her high school sweethart 37 years after they first dated. During that 37 years, she had married and divorced twice and had two kids. He had emigrated to Australia, married had 3 kids and been divorced. They found each other online and things re-kindled. My Mum emigrated to Australia to be with him when she was 50 and they married 4 years later.

  10. childhood sweethearts brought back together via Facebook; beautiful. love the use of orange throughout the details and bridesmaids dresses and i love the look Marcia & Ricardo are sharing in the picture at the top of the page.

  11. I was there, it was beautiful, and they love each other MORE than those photos can ever show! I, too, share a bond like that with my hubby and I wish even more “love” to those getting married in the future.

  12. TRULY A LOVING COUPLE!!!! They give off INSPIRATION that TRUE LOVE IS STILL OUT THERE! These pictures just ABSORBS YOU with a warm feeling a a sense of security within the family’s home!!! HAAAAAAPPY ANNIVERSARY GUYS!!! You’re ONE OF THE FEW!!’

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