A winning same-sex wedding with an armadillo cake

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Ronnie and Brent won a full wedding giveaway from photographers Leah and Mark to pull together the best Georgia wedding vendors and put on a kick-ass wedding for the couple. After 11 years together, it was a long time coming.

The crew from The Whole Shebang planned the event from top to bottom for the pair including the gorgeous venue and decor, and their awesome armadillo cake!

56 East Andrews
The armadillo cake: so Steel Magnolias. But is it red velvet?
Sure is!
Shadows dancing.

Leah and Mark have tons of photos available in their galleries if you want to see more of this wedding. Here is gallery one and two, and then the full set of photo booth shots!

Here are all the vendors that put this killer wedding together:

photography: Leah and Mark

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Comments on A winning same-sex wedding with an armadillo cake

  1. Gorgeous! As a newly engaged Lesbi myself, I always love seeing same-sex weddings on OBB and I was just thinking how I don’t think I’ve seen a gay wedding on here (I could’ve just missed it).

    This is so wonderful! Congrats to you both!

  2. I’m dying to know if someone ceremoniously took a cleaver and passed a big slice of the butt-end of that Armadillo!

    The wedding is absolutely gorgeous! Love the colors!

  3. An armadillah?
    With gray icin’. I can’t even begin to imagine how you’d make gray icin’.

    Oh my heavens I adore you both for those nods to Steel Magnolias!

  4. Oh, that cake makes me so happy! I hope these dapper gentlemen have a long lovely life together.

  5. For some reason, same-sex weddings get me more emotional than the hetero weddings featured…I think it’s because so many states still ban it, and I’m sad for those who want the opportunity to get married legally. Here in Maine, the topic is going to vote this November (which is stupid…civil rights should not be put to popular vote). I hope it passes!

    • Behind the scenes, there were several very inappropriate comments made by Offbeat Empire staffers to that same effect.

  6. This made me tear up. What an absolutely stunning couple! Seeing them so happy and in love put a big smile on my face and I completely forgot about the cake picture until I read the comments. Gaaah…everything about this wedding is perfect.

  7. Such a beautiful wedding, love the decor, and the venue looks great! All the best for this awesome couple!

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