Funky-quirky, Aspen backyard, Super 8 wedding video

Updated Oct 12 2015

YAY! More Hello Super 8 wedding porn from Megan Hill! This time it's from the wedding of Chase and Tate. They got married in what I can NOT believe is the backyard of a family friend in Aspen Colorado.

I'll let Megan explain:

"As you can see from the film, the grounds consisted of giant pine trees, a huge flowing river and a pristine pond, complete with bridges over waterfalls… not to mention views of horses in fields and the Rockies in the distance. It was insane!

Chase spent a ton of time on all of her crafty touches… including her crazy bedazzled heels, her Madonna-esque gloves (she's Madonna's biggest fan), making personalized pins, adding craft paper and colored pencils on the tables and painting each guest's name on river rocks she found in the area. The meal consisted of yummy burgers and mac and cheese and Chase's brother personally baked about ten different kinds of pies for dessert!"

Chase & Tate's Aspen, CO wedding: super 8 film highlights from Hello Super 8 on Vimeo.

Gawd, I love that song. Anyway, if you wanted to see pictures of the still kind, Hello Super 8's got 'em over here. But how awesome was that video!?

  1. I love the song and the video! I'm such a softie – just watching the other people wiping away their tears made me tear up too! Looks like it was a gorgeous wedding full of lots of love and joy.

  2. Actually, Chase commissioned the shoes (but she does tons of bedazzling herself). Here is her vendor list for anyone interested:

    Dress: David's Bridal – pink tulle added by bride
    Gloves- Marilyn Madsen
    Shoes- Erin Lareau
    Groom's suit, tie and shoes: John Varvatos
    Florist: Sweet Pea Florist- Denver Co.
    Caterer: Backdoor Catering
    Photographer: Easten Treadwell (friend of Bride)
    Cinematography: Hello Super 8
    Hair: Bryna Doherty (cousin of Bride)
    Make-up: Victoria Wallace (friend of Bride)
    Tent: Alpine Rentals

  3. nice video work and great song choice! almost as satisfying this morning as my cup of coffee… almost. you don't have a caffeine boost. but you'd probably take better video of my wedding than coffee, so there's that.

  4. The song is called Home and it's by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros. I had never wanted a wedding video, but seeing the super 8 videos has changed my mind. I'm giddy with excitement over the idea!

  5. wow, wow, wow… I can't even think of words right now! Love everything about this video and this wedding!! AMAZING!

  6. Somehow my heart melted AND 'sploded, at once.

    P.S. Did both moms walk the groom down the aisle and both dads walk the bride? Because I LOVE that idea so very, very much.

  7. Awesome video.

    I want to be friends with the bride. She seems really fun, just based on the video. Is that weird? I hope not.

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