OPEN THREAD: ASMR as your tingly wedding planning anti-stress tool

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ASMR for wedding planning stress as seen on @offbeatbride #asmr #weddingplanning
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ASMR (or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is something I have been experiencing my whole life but for which I never had a name. I guarantee some of you will see this phenomenon and it will be the revelation of your existence. Some of you will have no idea what it's all about. We're here for the former: those of us who totally know the power of the head tingles.

If you've ever had a pleasant tingly feeling from someone washing your hair or watching someone softly fold blankets or tap gently on a glass, you know the feeling of ASMR. A lot of us have embraced the community over on YouTube where ASMR is BIG business, including general tactile videos, role playing (not that kind), and “trigger” videos which trigger specific types of pleasant tingles.

Some of the most popular YouTube “ASMRtists” get millions upon millions of views. Most of those views are people like me who are using ASMR videos to fall asleep or just zen out when we're stressed. If you ever watched Bob Ross as a kid, you probably know how relaxing a soothing voice and gentle paint brush can be. Ahhhh.

Here's a primer from one of my favorite accounts, GentleWhispering, to get you started and learn what it's all about:


The point is that you're probably up to your ears in wedding planning, family drama, partner stress, and money woes, right? Maybe it's time to try out some ASMR to soothe your wearied mind. Here are a few more of my personal favorite accounts. But we're going to open it up to you in a second.

TIP: use headphones, especially when it says it's “binaural.”

Your turn to recommend!

What are YOUR favorite ASMR YouTube accounts to which to bliss out? Are you watching any of the ones we listed? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I discovered the ASMR about 2 years ago and before that I didn’t know there was a name for what I felt when I watched Bob Ross and Mister Rogers. I’m very particular about the triggers. It’s really all about the voice — which should be soft-spoken but not too whispery — and not many “extraneous” sounds ( really don’t like it when they tap their nails — kinda takes me out of it ). I watch some of the ASMR artists listed in this post but also:
    EquineQT — this one is odd because something must have happened to her original channel, you can only find the older videos posted on other people’s channels.
    Massage PsycheTruth (especially with Melissa LaMunyon )

  2. OMG! Yes yes yes! This has been my “chill-pill” tool for years. I’m so glad I saw ASMR on one of my favourite blogs.

    A word to those getting into this. You will find triggers you love and triggers that you hate. Don’t give up, try different types of videos (whispering, soft-spoken, sound-only, roleplays, etc), try different artists, heck try non-ASMR videos as well and find what works for you!

    I personally love ASMRmania and UnicornWhispers.

  3. I love a channel on YouTube called Peaceful Cuisine. He releases most of the recipes with and without music, the ones without are so relaxing! I love all the little chopping and stirring noises and it inspires me to get in kitchen.

    I’m pretty sure it won’t be for everyone but I find cooking relaxing so cooking noises are relaxing too.

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