OPEN THREAD: ASMR as your tingly wedding planning anti-stress tool

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ASMR for wedding planning stress as seen on @offbeatbride #asmr #weddingplanning
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ASMR (or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is something I have been experiencing my whole life but for which I never had a name. I guarantee some of you will see this phenomenon and it will be the revelation of your existence. Some of you will have no idea what it's all about. We're here for the former: those of us who totally know the power of the head tingles.

If you've ever had a pleasant tingly feeling from someone washing your hair or watching someone softly fold blankets or tap gently on a glass, you know the feeling of ASMR. A lot of us have embraced the community over on YouTube where ASMR is BIG business, including general tactile videos, role playing (not that kind), and “trigger” videos which trigger specific types of pleasant tingles.

Some of the most popular YouTube “ASMRtists” get millions upon millions of views. Most of those views are people like me who are using ASMR videos to fall asleep or just zen out when we're stressed. If you ever watched Bob Ross as a kid, you probably know how relaxing a soothing voice and gentle paint brush can be. Ahhhh.

Here's a primer from one of my favorite accounts, GentleWhispering, to get you started and learn what it's all about:


The point is that you're probably up to your ears in wedding planning, family drama, partner stress, and money woes, right? Maybe it's time to try out some ASMR to soothe your wearied mind. Here are a few more of my personal favorite accounts. But we're going to open it up to you in a second.

TIP: use headphones, especially when it says it's “binaural.”

Your turn to recommend!

What are YOUR favorite ASMR YouTube accounts to which to bliss out? Are you watching any of the ones we listed? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I love Gentle Whispering. Also love MassageASMR (Dmitri), Rhosgobel Rabbit, Heather Feather, ASMRequests (also) and a couple others. But I find if I watch too much I lose the tingles. I have to take a break for a couple days before I get them back.

  2. I’m not saying this to be a hater, but I started watching that Gentle Whispering video recently and it made me feel horrible. Like, pulse racing, sick to my stomach, complete anxiety attack, and it didn’t go away for several minutes. I’m glad that people like these videos and that there are videos for them to enjoy! I’m just mentioning in case someone else has the same response I did, because it made me feel like there must be something wrong with me or, like, un-gentle about me.

      • I think that’s totally normal, and it depends on your trigger. My fiance has a thing about strangers touching him, and spa/grooming ASMR vids (like GentleWhispering) are bad juju for him. But his ASMR trigger is seeing and hearing paintbrush on canvas, so watching Bob Ross is his sweet spot. Maybe, for you, a different stimulation ASMR vid would give the desired response? There’s noise-specific ones, hand gesture-specific ones (not hands reaching toward your face), just straight whispering, etc.

  3. I have an anxiety disorder, and ASMR is one of the most powerful tools in my toolbox! It cures insomnia, helps me calm my nerves, and is my second favorite way to unwind after a long day (a lovely adult beverage being the first). 😉

  4. WhispersRedASMR is one of my go-to’s. I think she was actually interviewed on NPR once about ASMR (it could have been a diff show, I wasn’t really paying attention). I tend to like tapping and tingle baskets.

  5. JellyBeanASMR and TheOneLillium are two of my lesser-known faves. I discovered ASMR several years ago and I’m glad it’s getting more attention lately.

  6. Springbok ASMR is my favorite! GentleWhispering was my first ASMR experience, but I actually like Spring even better! She does awesome nerdy/gamer themed videos like narrated tours of her Fallout 4 settlements, Cylon Detector, Borderlands, Bioshock, and Papers Please roleplays, game reviews, even literary/rhetoric lessons! My geeky brain appreciates the topics just as much as the tingles! There are a few other lesser known accounts who have one or two videos I like, but I always go back to those two ladies…and Bob Ross! I watched him on PBS when I was little, so I get nostalgia and tingles!

  7. You addressed some of my faves up there (WhispersRed, GentleWhispering). I’m a type-A introvert, but I’m also a performing musician and teacher for a living, so trying to balance my personality with the demands of my profession takes a lot out of me. I use ASMR vids for tingles and to help decompress and fall asleep.

    ASMR Massage Psychetruth – extremely clear, sharp sounds, lots of ear vids

    Olivia’s Kissmer ASMR – her hand movements give me eyegasms and she is one of my fave roleplayers

    Caroline ASMR – great for pure sounds, ear vids and tapping

    Cristen Noel – great tapping (check the cardboard cookie vids) and whispering

  8. Thanks so much for this list o’ resources! My fiance and I are both ASMR-reactant (me to tapping, him to BOB FRIGGING ROSS), but we tend to forget to use it as a de-stress tool. And boy howdy, do I need some de-stressing. Brilliant timing.

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