Exploring black and white wedding photography with Diwas Photography

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Offbeat Bridelings, allow me to introduce you to Diwas and Sadie, the Seattle-based photographers behind our sponsor Diwas Photography. The thing that stood out to me — a wedding blogger who sees thousands of stunning weddings, photographers, and wedding photos every day — was that much of their work is in black and white… and it is awesome. I know we at Offbeat Bride are constantly going “ooh, sparkles, glitter, and rainbow unicorns!” But Diwas Photography can make us ooh and ahh the same way over the same things, without even needing color.

Of course they also shoot in color (we'll show you a couple of those shots, including one of our very own Ariel), but let's first talk about the power of black and white photography when it comes to weddings…

Diwas photography black and white
First of all, this photo!!! The intense hug, the look of absolute love, and the sweet “omg tears” face in the background… this photo is everything. There's something about black and white photos that lays bare the real soul of a wedding. As much as we love weddings for the details, we love them the most of the feels.


When a photo is presented in black in white, it means nothing is distracting you from the emotions of the moment. This is why black and white photography lends itself so well to Diwas Photography‘s style. As they put it:

Our style is an intentional and unobtrusive fusion of documentary, fun, and fine art with our inspiration being YOU. Our photos capture the special moment, the indescribable spirit, and the incredible feeling that you, your friends, and your family bring to the occasion.

black and white unicorn
Oh, but I promised you a squee-worthy rainbow unicorn in black and white. Those who read about Seattle's Lovesick Expo might recognize our door unicorn, Ben, in this photo from Kate and Grant's wedding. Diwas Photography‘s got him looking just as wonderful and epic without his rainbow mane. Speaking of rainbow though…

ariels rainbow shoes
You KNOW they turned up the color to capture our darling Ariel's amazing rainbow platform shoes.

Of course they'll capture your gorgeous bouquet with the prettiest pastel accents that match your glass of champagne.

But nothing beats their gorgeous black and white portraits that capture the sparkle in your eyes that match the shine in your jackets. (Seriously, you've gotta check out their jackets.)

Okay, one thing may beat that. Their special discount…

Diwas Photography is offering 20% off their weddings booked through Offbeat Bride. Just let them know you heard about their magical photography on Offbeat Bride when you get in contact with them.

That discount will work for anyone, by the way. Diwas and Sadie love to travel as much as they love photography. Whether you're getting married on a beach, at a commune, on a mountain, in a theatre, in a forest, on a ranch… get Diwas Photography to capture the essence of your event!

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  1. ARIEL. THOSE SHOES ARE AMAZING. Seriously, you find the BEST rainbow stuff. Where can I get me some of those shoes???

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