The Art Nouveau wedding: LEGO meets geek meets Southern hospitality

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 | Photography by Emma Elaine Photography
An Art Nouveau wedding as seen on @offbeatbride
Photos by Emma Elaine Photography

The Offbeat Bride: Anna Kate, Costumer

Her offbeat partner: Michael, Actor

Date and location of wedding: The Banquet Hall of Alvaton, Alvaton, GA — March 11, 2016

Our offbeat wedding at a glance:

Our wedding theme was Art Nouveau, with hints of LEGO, theatre, film, and general nerdery. Art Nouveau is my favorite design period, so when we were trying to pick overall wedding themes, it immediately jumped out at us. I love the organic shapes and elegance it entails, and it really worked with our love of Lord of the Rings.

An Art Nouveau wedding as seen on @offbeatbride

An Art Nouveau wedding as seen on @offbeatbride

An Art Nouveau wedding as seen on @offbeatbride

Groom and groomsmen

My husband is a huge LEGO fan — or an AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego) for those down with the lingo — so we knew we had to work it in somewhere. We're also in the theatre and film world (I'm a costumer, and he's an actor) so we tried to squeeze some references in there, too. Our families are Southern, so we had to invite everyone. My husband and I went to different schools for theatre, and your classmates basically become your family. So, throw all that together, and you have a big ol' wedding.



We did a very DIY wedding, and were insanely lucky with our friends and family who offered their help to make the day happen. I did all my own wedding dress alterations, including adding custom sleeves, and made my own veil. I designed and sewed our flower girl's dress from scratch. A family friend was our florist, my mother-in-law made both of our cakes, a friend was our wedding planner, and family and friends all came together to help with our catering. We bought/borrowed antique china and silver to use at the reception. It was a huge labor of love.

My pastor

Tell us about the ceremony:

We had a Christian ceremony in a 100-year-old converted schoolhouse with music from How to Train your Dragon and Harry Potter, played by a Celtic band. A lot of stuff went wrong during the ceremony, but it made it all even better. My pastor didn't have the right suit because his dry cleaner mixed them up, so he had to wear what he drove to the venue in, but he worked it into the homily. Then, my husband jumped the gun on the vows and said “I DO!” before the pastor even asked if he would.

Wedding band

But the best one is MY DAD FORGOT TO WALK ME DOWN THE AISLE. Our planner took me and the wedding party out to the lobby to start the processional, and as the bridesmaids begin to walk down the aisle, I look around, and realize my dad is absolutely nowhere to be found. So I start freaking out, and our planner looks into the room where the ceremony is, and THERE IS MY FATHER SITTING IN THE FRONT ROW. So as my sister is walking down the aisle (she was last, because she was the maid of honor) she whisper-yells “DAD WHAT ARE YOU DOING” and he LEAPS up, mouths “I don't know!” and basically runs back up the center aisle, passing my sister and she's making “get back there” motions with her bouquet. Keep in mind this is a crowd of 300 people who are sitting here watching this, and positively cackling with laughter. It was hysterical.

Brie cheese


Wedding cake



Tell us about your reception:

The reception was immediately after the ceremony, in the same building. So after the ceremony was over, everyone went outside onto the huge porch and had snacks and glass bottle Cokes, while the room was flipped (by a group of my mom's high school students). We all ate dinner (with nerdy-themed food), and then cut our cakes. My mother-in-law made the top tier gluten-free so I could eat it.


The paper moon portrait table

The finished product

Instead of a regular photo booth, we had a paper moon portrait booth! My friend who is a theatre carpenter and I built a giant moon out of plywood, and I sewed together the backdrop and painted the moon. My dad (a photographer) helped with the camera setup. I edited the photos after the wedding to make them look like authentic paper moon portraits.

Cutting the cake!

He knicked his gums with the sword

Intently listening to speeches

First dance!


The dance floor opens!

Kiss from a Rose

Crowd surfing husband!

Leaving the wedding!

Just kissin!



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Comments on The Art Nouveau wedding: LEGO meets geek meets Southern hospitality

  1. That photo of the groom licking frosting off the sword may be my favorite photo from a wedding. Not this wedding, A wedding.

    • I passed this on to my husband, and he was SO excited! I can’t recommend doing it though, because he nicked his gums on it, the goof haha.

  2. I love the illustration on the invitations! I love the bridesmaids’ dresses, too – both the green color and the little sleeves. Very pretty. <3

    • Thank you!! I’ll pass on your compliments to our friend who did the invitations! 🙂

  3. I love the dad forgetting to walk you down the aisle bit and especially his reply when asked what he was doing, “I don’t know!”. That’s the thing, none of us do in life really and some of the loveliest moments of connection is when we can admit and laugh about it. What a great ice breaker for the ceremony!

    • It was AMAZING. I felt like I was going to throw up all day, because I was so nervous something was going to go wrong. Then my dad forgot to walk me down the aisle, and everyone started laughing, and all my nerves vanished. I just went “Well, dad forgot to walk me down the aisle. Literally nothing else can happen that would be more ridiculous than this, and the wedding is still going on!” It was great!

      This is my sister when she was passing him in the aisle:

  4. Beautiful wedding and great geek touches. Best wishes to our both 🙂

    I love that you have Herugrim!
    Herugrim will be my wedding present from my fiancee, and I will give him the sword of St. Maurice. All hail wedding swords 😀

    • Thank you!!!

      Yeah, we love Herugrim! It was a wedding gift from a friend of ours, because I already had Eowyn’s sword, and now we have a matching set!

  5. This is brilliant on so many levels and you both look absolutely gorgeous in every shot. Plus, those cakes! I’m amazed that such a beautiful, classy wedding involved so much DIY and community collaboration. Yay!

    • Thank you so much! That’s so sweet!!! We were honestly SO lucky with our friends and family who wanted to help. We’ve got an incredible community around us, and it couldn’t have happened without them. It was an insane amount of work though. Sooooo many hours in goodwill!

  6. This wedding is AMAZING. You look straight up like you’ve walked out of a Mucha print, and the whole day looks beautiful, bright and so happy (also the shots you posted of your sister waving your dad down are PRICELESS.)

    Please please please tell me that you remember where those beautiful beaded capelet/shawls on your bridesmaids are from and that I can still find one for me?!

  7. Hi! WHERE did the invites come from? I want to add these art nouveau embellishments to my invites or wedding website. Thank you!!

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