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Jason and Jo are an awesome offbeat couple who also happen be the talented team behind our sponsor Imagine Photography. These two are based out of Arizona, but they've taken Las Vegas by storm (and travel everywhere!).

Jason (a professional punk/rock musician turned wedding photographer) and Jo (a long-time professional wedding photographer) tend to gravitate toward clients that want to do something new and fun with their wedding photos. And I have a feeling that y'all are going to be gravitating towards them as well.

From photo shoots that are almost too sexy, to their favorite photography location in Vegas, and even how being a punk rock musician affects their photography style… this interview with Imagine Photography is almost as exciting as hitting the jackpot in a Vegas casino!


Jason, how does being a pro musician influence your work as a photographer?

Having been in punk and rock bands for the past 15 years gave me a serious rebellious attitude, and I've carried that over into my photography. When I started shooting weddings, I didn't know a lot of the rules, and it allowed me to just make art without thinking in terms of "rule of thirds" or "leading lines." Having no constraints allowed me to do stuff that I may have never done. Though I now understand, and will use, all those things to try and make even better images… I still don't mind just doing whatever I want to, regardless.


Speaking of "doing whatever you want," what has been your favorite offbeat photo shoot that you've done?

Jason: For me, it has to be the modern-day Bonnie and Clyde shoot in the Las Vegas desert. You've got a sexy couple, guns, diamonds, bullets, and octane. What else do you need?

Jo: During this same shoot I had a spontaneous idea to take a shot from the trunk of the car with the bride and groom looking in as if they were checking on someone they just threw in there. It came out amazing and I still love this shot every time I see it. My absolute favorite for sure!


It seems like Las Vegas is just rife with mind-boggling locations. What are your favorite places to shoot?

Jason: Though we had done several shoots there, the Neon Museum is always fantastic. We had clients fly in from Hong Kong last year, get professional hair and makeup done over at Cosmopolitan, and we took them to the museum for their engagement shoot. Had a fantastic time, and the images really came out great. If you are coming to Vegas, it's literally the coolest place you can get married or have a shoot.

Jo: The Neon Museum is great! I always love shooting there but one shoot that particularly comes to mind was the one we did at a winery. This couple were so sexy and felt so comfortable expressing intimacy (which is totally awesome) that they were almost making me feel like I shouldn't be watching… almost. It made for a great engagement session.


Another thing I know about Vegas… it's a hotspot for elopers. Do you guys offer a kick-ass Vegas elopement package?

Indeed we do! Most of our Vegas clients are from out-of-state or out of the country, and generally only have a couple of guests. There is no need to book a big wedding package if all you really want to do is have a quick ceremony, run around on the strip, check out some killer off-strip spots, and just get some kick-ass portraits and moments documented from your elopement. It's the same great work, but without the first dance, cake cutting, and all of the other things you don't need coverage of that day. To that end, we offer three-hour elopement packages (that include digital files) starting at $1750.

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