Wrap your loving tentacles around Concertina Press' oceanic wedding invitations

Updated Oct 12 2015
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Black and White Octopus Wedding Invitation by Concertina Press

Our sponsor Concertina Press is back and giving me a fresh case of the "wish I hads." That's because Concertina Press makes the most gorgeous wedding invitations with fish, sharks, and octopodes — oh my!

Get your snorkels and flippers on, and let's submerge ourselves into the aquarium of wonders that is Concertina Press' nautical stationery…

Pufferfish Thank You Notes
Pufferfish Thank You Notes

The Concertina Press shop is a one-woman production, owned and operated by Ruth Bleakley, who does it all for the love of "old fashioned nautical illustrations, and creating invites for beach weddings that offer a unique twist on a classic theme." Ruth does all of the designing, emailing, printing, and production herself from her home base of Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Pink Medusa Jellyfish Wedding Invitation
Pink Medusa Jellyfish Wedding Invitation

The original jellyfish illustration was by Ernst Haeckel — a German biologist, naturalist, and artist who discovered thousands of new species, and coined many terms in biology. That's a lot of scientific awesome to infuse into your wedding invitations.

Blue Shark place card and Floating Jellyfish Wedding Invitations.
Blue Shark place card and Floating Jellyfish Wedding Invitations.

But why limit the scientific, ocean creature-y goodness to your wedding invitations? Let Concertina Press turn your entire wedding into an aquarium wonderland, with Save the Dates and place cards, and Thank You notes.

Octopus Thank You Notes
Octopus Thank You Notes
Concertina Press is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!
Speaking of Thank You notes… who here hasn't done them yet? Come on, 'fess up. Are you having trouble getting motivated? Here, try this: snag yourself some Concertina Press Thank You cards or (omg!) these adorably hilarious holiday cards. Then stare deeply into this cephalopod's eyes, and let him inspire you to write your heart out.

Not yet seeing an invite that's issuing forth an irresistible siren song? No worries! Concertina Press has an impressive selection of oceanic designs — one or (if you're like me) SEVERAL of these babies will give you a case of the "should buys." Dive in to Concerntina Press and find your catch of the day!

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