Apples skewered on bare branches + purple calla lilies = tablescape that will haunt your dreams

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Photos provided by the Ritz-Carlton San Juan

Remember how I went to Puerto Rico last month, and toured a bunch of amazing wedding and honeymoon venues? Well, one of the spots we toured was the Ritz-Carlton San Juan, where they did it UP for a dinner for all of us journalists. This amazing tablescape by Puerto Rican event designers AKUA greeted me when I walked in the dining room… yes, those are green apples skewered on bare branches, surrounded by purple calla lilies and moss balls.

I was all HOLY FUCK, OFFBEAT BRIDES ARE GOING TO DIE. You have to see more.

I was so blown away by these centerpieces that I got too excited over dinner and drank too much, and then I got my cougar on and made terribly inappropriate lewd comments about how the meal should have been served on the attractive male waiter's bare chest. People, the centerpieces were that good! (Well, and the server was that hot.)

…AND I LOVE THESE CENTERPIECES. I mean, are you seeing this? The colors are so dramatic (lime green + deep eggplant purple) although the calla lilies technically make it floral, the design has a distinctly less-floral feeling to it. In fact, it feels almost masculine… and that's not something you can say about many wedding decorations.

I have a sneaking suspicion that some of you may be scheming DIY versions of this amazingness, ammiright?! The one caution I'll add is that those apples are HEAVY. It was really lovely the way the branches were bowed under their weight, but you'd need to choose just the right branches, or else risk apples falling off onto guests' plates.

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Comments on Apples skewered on bare branches + purple calla lilies = tablescape that will haunt your dreams

  1. How very awesome! I myself wondered as soon as I saw this how those heavy apples managed to stay upright. This is one DIY I will not be attempting. lol!

      • Yes! Michaels makes some shockingly realistic ones. I did something *sort of* like this for halloween one year – speared apples on some black bamboo skewers for a large dramatic centerpiece. Throughout the night, I caught people looking at or touching the apples, trying to figure out if they were real 🙂

        I should definitely do something like that again for my wedding in the fall… Thanks, OBB, inspiring me once again!

  2. Ariel, potentially off-topic BUT… is the OBB watermark going to start showing up on flickr pool and reader submissions? It makes me feel a little icky to think that might happen to my images, though I’d love to share them. The reason I ask is that the one with the caption says the photos were provided by the Ritz-Carlton, which (to my probably incomplete knowledge) means the images are theirs. Sorry if I derail- these tables ARE beautiful and you should have put a pic of the waiter along with it!!

    • Absolutely not. The watermark appears because these styled shoot images were submitted directly to me by a representative of the Ritz. We’ve never ever watermarked people’s wedding photos, nor would we ever. Wedding photo rights are always retained by the orginal photographers and couples. Email if you want to talk more about it.

  3. the tablescape is awesome but I still think we need a photo of that waiter!
    love the colors and style of this room

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