Ankle straps for everyone!

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Unleash the Chic Heel in PoppyIf you're looking for comfortable, sturdy wedding shoes — this is not your week. (Might I suggest clicking here?)

This week, I'm going to focus on shoes with those little ankle straps that look so lovely… but can hurt so good if you're not accustomed to walking in point-heeled little devil-pumps.

Yes, there are a few flats and chunkier heels here (like these poppy-colored puppies at left!), but many of these shoes are for advanced heel-walkers only.

Lots of these are vintage-tinged (Seychelles, I can't quit you!), so I know those of you going the slightly old-timey route are going to freak out…

Seychelles - Apology Accepted (Yellow/Grey) - Footwear
Sergio Rossi - A53900-MAFZ51-6900 (New Nude Goat Suede) - Footwear
Seychelles - Lost Control (Black Polka Dot) - Footwear
DSQUARED2 - W12A315027-44 (St Cocco Fard) - Footwear
Seychelles - Heart Grows Fonder (Leopard) - Footwear
Betsey Johnson - Elope (Ivory Fabric) - Footwear
Seychelles - Music To My Ears (Aqua) - Footwear
Rachel Roy - Delphine (White/Black) - Footwear
Diane Von Furstenberg - Jujette (Platino Lizard Print) - Footwear
Seychelles - Turning Point (Green) - Footwear
Robert Clergerie - Lulaby (Blush Calf) - Footwear
Seychelles - Gale Force (Yellow) - Footwear
Badgley Mischka - Nessa (Melon Satin) - Footwear
Seychelles - Thyme (Teal) - Footwear
Giuseppe Zanotti - E30145 (Cam Bianco) - Footwear
Seychelles - All Dressed Up (Black Leather) - Footwear
Schutz - Inaya (Lirio/Preto) - Footwear
McQ - Peep Toe Burlesque (Lipstick Red Bright Nappa Leather) - Footwear

Random bonus shoe!

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Comments on Ankle straps for everyone!

  1. Seriously, Seychelles makes the cutest shoes. And they’re really comfortable! I may be a little biased because I’m wearing them right now!

  2. Ugh, I am dying for a low-heeled shoe with an ankle strap. I can’t believe how hard it’s been to find. These shoes are gorgeous (seriously, I love ankle straps), but I’ll have to keep looking.

  3. Ankle straps are for the advanced? They’re about the only kind of heel I can wear. Most of my most walkable heels are t-straps or ankle straps because without them my feet aren’t very stable inside the shoe.

  4. A. OMG the third-from-last, omg neeeeed.
    B. Ankle straps are totally helpful if you’re crap at walking in heels! They keep you from falling out of your shoes!

  5. Sailor Venus shoes! <3 This could be a great find for a bridesmaid in a Sailor Moon themed wedding…. *totally tempted to have one*

  6. If you have a little extra money to spend, another alternative is I wanted red silk stilettos with a thin ankle strap (how’s that for extremely specific), and couldn’t find them anywhere…. I was getting bummed and thinking I’d probably have to settle for something else, but then one of my bridesmaids sent me the link. You can design every aspect of your shoes and they’re delivered in a few weeks. In my case, I didn’t see an ankle strap on their site–but when I emailed their customer service, they just added it onto the order at no extra charge. I got my finished shoes yesterday and I’m so pleased with the end-product! Plus, their customer service was extremely responsive and really helpful.

    This isn’t intentionally a product ad, haha…. but seriously, I am happy I went with them even if it did cost a little extra to get exactly what I wanted.

    P.s. my shoes cost $200–and in looking at the links to some of the shoes above, it’s really the same price for an entirely customized shoe.

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