Ankle boots for wedding days (…or not)

Updated Oct 31 2019
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once upon a time bootHere's a secret: I've actually been out of the country for the past two weeks, first taking a holiday with my son in Positano (my husband was there leading a yoga retreat) and then working from "home" in Rome — with home being an airbnb flat in the Travestere neighborhood. As you might imagine, the people-watching has been GUHMAZING and of course half the time I'm looking down at all the Italians' shoes. And what am I seeing non-stop? Ankle boots. The Italians are really REALLY into ankle boots.

Now, I'm not sure how many of you would ever wear ankle boots on your wedding days, but I'm inspired to collect a few of my favorites here for you. Blame the Italians for this perhaps only slightly-wedding-related shoe post, although I suppose given that it's been steampunk week, this is somewhat on-theme. (Oh, and lovers of flats, rejoice: lots of options for you in here.)

Alexander McQueen - Low Double Skull Buckle (Nubuck) (Light Petrol) - Footwear
Steve Madden - Troopa (Purple Leather) - Footwear
Steve Madden - Troopa (Natural Leather) - Footwear
Giuseppe Zanotti - I37072 (Stagn Nero) - Footwear
SKECHERS - Mad Dash (Tan) - Footwear
Elizabeth and James - Cosmo (Silver Metal) - Footwear
Seychelles - Scoundrel (Tan) - Footwear
L.A.M.B. - Nanetta (Wine) - Footwear
Rocket Dog - Thunder (Brown Aviator Canvas) - Footwear
Clarks - Ideo Feast (Grey Leather) - Footwear
Frye - Harness 6 (Burnt Red Old Town) - Footwear
Jambu - Seattle Wedge (Charcoal) - Footwear

Random bonus shoe

SB Altar - Silver

  1. I love the ankle boot trend because apparently my calves are too massive for any tall boots! I'm still waiting for my pre-baby pants to fit again (hahahahah) so looks like it's going to be dresses, tights, & ankle boots this winter. Who knew I was trendy! (can you be unshowered & possibly sporting baby spitup and still be trendy?? haha)

  2. I love ankle boots!! I just can't find one that will fit my odd foot. I need a wide most of the boots are regular or medium wide. I do wear a couple of simple boots that fits but they are one size bigger… I will need a nice granny ankle boots to match my vintage tea length wedding dress that I found and love. I hope to find one before I plan my future wedding!! Love all the boots in the picture above though….

  3. I love these boots so hard! I dream of a day when I can find shoes like this in wide sizes and affordable. [sigh]

  4. Yay for lace up ankle boots! (Maybe the Romans are wearing ankle boots to prevent spraining an ankle on the cobblestones)

    Yay for ROme! I am going there on honeymoon in January. I greedily hope you are going to do a Rome article on OffBeat home.

    • I live in northern Italy so I don't know Rome well, but be sure to have a "granita al caffè con panna" (coffee slush with whipped cream) at Caffè Giolitti, near the Pantheon!

  5. I've been looking for the perfect pair of Victorian boots to go with one of my potential dresses… my mom thinks I'm crazy, but I'm really excited about it. Especially for the chilly weather I'm expecting on my wedding day!

  6. "Now, I'm not sure how many of you would ever wear ankle boots on your wedding day"
    Me! I have the ankle boot version of a pair of boots you showed in a different shoe post! =]

  7. Dear Ariel,

    You must really stop showing me all these fabulous shoes. I have a wedding to pay for, and really can't afford all the wondrous things you are showing me.


  8. I love love love ankle boots and I am definitely seriously considering this as a wedding option.

    Thanks for the inspiring shoe spread!

  9. Oh my god, those red suede boots with the straps — of course I *would* want the $400 ones. *sigh*. I could build a whole wardrobe around those….

  10. Wowzer! We were in Italia at the same time! Now husband and I were in Florence, Rome, and Praiano (one town over from Positano) for our two-week honeymoon! And you are totally right… I found myself staring at a lot of shoes too, and wishing I could be as effortlessly chic as all those Italian girls. =P
    Ah, I love how small the world is!

  11. Love these boots! I wore black suede Victorian style ankle boots at my wedding & have worn them tons ever since. Ankle boots are excellent wedding shoes 🙂

  12. I LIVE in ankle boots! And with a winter wedding I think I'd be mad to do anything else – when we're outdoors at least! Makes a change to the cringey white-wellies that seems to be the only solution to come up when searching for practical winter wedding shoes! PLUS…more shoe shopping…!

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