Scandalous animal print shoes

Updated Mar 15 2021
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In my never-ending search for loud-and-proud wedding shoes, this week I'm venturing into the wilds of animal print shoes. Really, it's a wonder it took me this long since really — is there such a thing as an understated animal print shoe?

Cheetah, leopard, zebra, pony … none of these animals were actually harmed in the making of this list of wedding shoes.

animal print 1

animal print 2

animal print 3

animal print 16

animal print 20

animal print 9

animal print 13

animal print 14

animal print 19

animal print 5

animal print 7

animal print 10

animal print 12

animal print 18

animal print 8

animal print 15

animal print 4

animal print 11

animal print 17

animal print 6

  1. I'm planning on wearing leopard print flats for the dance (I'll also be changing out of my gown in favor for a party dress too) LOVE all those shoes!!!

  2. I love all of the shoes! I like leopard print but honestly i've never been bold enough to wear it. Good idea!

  3. "Cheetah, leopard, zebra, pony … none of these animals were actually harmed in the making of this list of wedding shoes. "

    Except for the pony hair ones, right?

    Damn it is hard for a girl to find 11W shoes that aren't leather/suede/pony hair and aren't ridiculous.


    I didn't know the shoe features could get any better and then they did. I need all of these. White leopard print with red heels?! Dude I just peed myself a little.

  5. I got married 3 & 1/2 years ago & wore leopard print shoes… when i went to my fitting & stepped up on the platform in my 5" leopard heels, the seamstress said "Where are your shoes?" I said "I'm wearing them…" She said, "No, I mean where are the shoes you're getting married in?" I said "These ARE the shoes i am getting married in…" She didn't believe me until my mom confirmed it. All my bridesmaids also wore leopard shoes that I bought for them.

  6. Love this idea! I see more and more brides going with funky shoes and it's definitely a photographer's dream! They are so fun and really makes for an interesting day! Love them!

  7. The 6th one down most resembles the Betsey Johnson Mary Janes I plan on wearing. When I was browsing in the store, I told the employee I was going to be wearing red and instead of selling me the boring clear/white ones I was looking at, that guy suggested I go "balls to the wall" with leopard print. One look at them and I was SOLD!!!! I loooooove over-the-top! Animal print is for bad girls!!!! Roar!

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