Eat your heart out… of your wedding cake

Updated Oct 12 2015
Photos by: Jon Cancelino
anatomical cake
Cake by Cakes with a Kick. Photo by Jon Cancelino

Check out this wedding cake with an anatomical heart cake topper, made out of Rice Krispie treat. In fact, we took a vote and "anatomical heart cake topper, made out of Rice Krispie treat" is one of our favorite sentences ever written in the history of Offbeat Bride.

Yes, hearts and weddings often go hand in hand. But, with Samm and Offbeat Bride Tribe member Meirybomb, their heart and wedding went hand to mouth…

meirybomb cake cutting

After one of their guests started chanting, "Eat the heart, eat the heart…" how could they not!? Anyone else having flashbacks to that scene in Game of Thrones? Poor Daenerys, that heart was definitely NOT made of Rice Krispie treat.

Gah! Think of all the fun you can have at your wedding with your own delicious anatomical heart. Mmmm… heart.

    • Thanks! I have to admit, I was nervous about this cake. I knew it was either going to be utterly amazing, or a complete disaster. Fortunately we found the perfect bakers to pull it off!

  1. I should add that this heart is currently in a ziplock bag in my parent's freezer. Any ideas on how to preserve a frozen fondant covered rice krispie heart with a bite taken out of it?

    • If you want it to last, you need to seal the bite. Just melt some chocolate and smear it over the bite area, making sure it covers the krispie treat completely and meets/joins the fondant edges. You may need to do a couple of thin layers, depending on how dense a krispie treat was used, and you can do this while the whole heart is still frozen. Once the chocolate sets (which should be pretty quick if the heart is cold), wrap it in plastic, put in a ziplock bag and back in the freezer. Should last a fairly long time, but you may find the krispie treat gets soggy and fondant cracks when thawed if you leave it for a really long time, like over six months. I work with these sorts of decorations a lot, though I've never tried to keep one for more than 3 months.

      • Thanks! It's still in my parent's freezer, but at this point I think we probably have to throw it away (it's been over a year!) I wasn't planning on ever eating it, or anything, but it seems a shame to throw out such an unusual memento. I wonder if I can shellac it 😉

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