When you have an amusement park wedding, you get really fun photos

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We are TOTALLY freaking out over Matt and Jessica's incredible wedding party photos taken on carnival rides at some amusement park in Bismarck, North Dakota. hey took awesome ferris wheel shots like this one of the bride and groom here, along with some fun times on a swing (remember underdogs?), merry-go-round photos, and these really great bridal party photos with the groups going down a Super Slide…

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  1. Oh, this is just toooooooooooooo great. You two are going to go down in wedding history! Bless you both!! xoxox

  2. This has to be one of the favorite sets of wedding photos I have ever seen! Love – love the photo booth! Also, the colors & feathers appearing here and there are fantastic. Looks like a wonderful time!

  3. I was kinda getting bored with the old DIY photo booth thing, but you guys have restored my faith in kitschy alternatives to wedding pics. Best wishes to you both – and thanks for sharing!

  4. I say these the other day and they were AWESOME! Plus they went to Harry Potter World for their honeymoon, so she is extra cool in my book. I may be wrong here, but isn’t her name Jescia and not Jessica?

  5. WHOOOOOA! This wedding looks amazingly fun. I love the uncomfortable-mom-watching-the-kids-smooch picture at the fabulous fake photo wall.

  6. not to side-show how lovely these photos are (the ferris wheel one!), but *ahem* i simply want to know about her dress…and where i can get it =)

    • saks fifth avenue – sue wong gown… it was WAYYYYY cheaper than a wedding dress. WAYYYYY cheaper.

      • I was thinking that was a Sue Wong dress! She used to make something really similar to this dress in teal with bronze beading and accents that I had ogled for my wedding dress for months…. stunning dress, and you just look beautiful in it.
        What a gorgeous wedding–you all look so happy!

  7. Yay Jescia and Matt! I know those crazy kids and yes, you can thank me for introducing them to OBB, though I can’t take credit for planning (or even, alas, attending) their fabulous wedding. This is what happens when you marry a working artist to a working writer – awesomeness!

    P.S. Jescia, I am totally stealing your photobooth idea(s).

    P.P.S. Meghan – please post the photobooth pic where they use big white dialog and thought bubbles. Best. Idea. Ever.

  8. Uh, PS – I just realized this because I just told Jescia – Her name is JESCIA (pronounced “jess-see-ah”, not “Jessica.”

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