Amazing Hawaiian wedding fashion with surprising shoe advice

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The moment I saw this photo from Maui wedding photographer Anna Kim, I almost spit coffee all over my monitor. And then BEGGED her for more info about this fashionable bride, Meeshay. Because ZOMG the shoes, the dress… I'm DYING.

But what I didn't expect was a hot tip on where you can find quirky wedding shoes like these ones pictured above. Wait for it…

Anna tells me that the dress is by Larissa Williams of LeRu Atelier. Look how cute the back is! And the shoes…

Apparently they were special ordered from an exotic dancer supply company. As Anna described it, “a more refined kine shop.”

Exotic dancer shoes for your wedding? Who knew!? But now that I do, it all makes sense. Mahalo Anna Kim!

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Comments on Amazing Hawaiian wedding fashion with surprising shoe advice

  1. Those are some interesting heels, but I’m just as intrigued by the lacy dress with the mauve petticoat peeking out.

    The groom’s black outfit with the off-white tie and handkerchief is actually one of my favorite groom outfits I’ve seen on OBB.

  2. Love these shoes i did something simular in y wedding two weeks ago… i got some great pics

  3. Must know more about this wedding – bride profile please! The dress is just beyond amazing

  4. Gorgeous! I am also intrigued by the dress and the groom’s apparel. At least 1/2 my shoe collection is from um, rather exotic shops. My ‘high end stripper’ shoes (as my partner calls them) are unique, very well made, and surprisingly comfortable. I second the recommendation for where to shop 😉

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