We know that you know about wedding venues like churches, hotels, restaurants, gardens and beaches… but have you considered having your wedding underground, or on the side of a cliff, or under a dinosaur? We've scrounged up some of our favorite alternative wedding venues from weddings past in order to give you all a little inspiration…

Get married IN FUNNY SHOES

Claire and BillIf I ever have another wedding, I'm gonna do it up 11th birthday-style, at a Roller rink or Bowling alley!

Get married IN A TREE

treehouse-point-weddingTreehouse weddings are an amazing choice for super green couples.


Cake Table & T-RexNerds of the world, get behind this idea: have your wedding at Museums, Art Galleries orPlantariums. Besides, getting married under a dinosaur FTW!

Get married WITH CARNIES

The photos at amusement park weddings are always incredible.


DSC05019For a really affordable option, you can't beat your own backyard. And there's no curfew or anyone else telling you what you can and can't do.


EVERYBODY!Boat weddings are especially good for the non-religious couple, because you can legally get married by a captain! And you can have sea turtles and whales as your bridal party.

Get married LIKE A DIVA

Portraits at the NaroHave an authentic old Hollywood-style wedding in a movie theatre.

Get married OFF THE MAP

Stephen's Gap (Explore #5)Anyone can get married above ground — try doing it deep below the Earth's surface for a change in a cave wedding.


Bar weddings are perfect if you wanted to have a kid-free wedding.

Get married WITH GHOSTS

Haunted venues for the ghost enthusiast, or for those of you who want to pad your guest list with the undead.


CeremonyState parks weddings are a gorgeous and affordably option. And they're also great for weekend camping weddings.

Get married IN A BLANK SLATE

Walking down the aisleLofts or warehouses are an open space just waiting for your wedding transformation… whatever form it takes.

Get married IN THE SKY

DSCN3056Mountain or cliff weddings because “I know that one day Veronica and I are gonna to get married on top of a mountain, and there's going to be flutes playing and trombones and flowers and garlands of fresh herbs. And we will dance till the sun rises.”


christa_chris_0511For all you Renn Faire geeks getting married at a Renaissance Faire is WAY too perfect.

Get married WITH SHARKS

Photo by Benja Iglesis
Underwater weddings are perfect for divers and water-lovers, and all those who want a SUPER private ceremony. 😉

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        • Jean, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts about the language that appears on Offbeat Bride. The website is a partner to my 2006 book, Offbeat Bride: Creative Alternatives for Independent Brides, which is filled with colorful language. The word “fuck” has appeared on the website many, many times since its founding in January of 2007.

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          • Hi Ariel,

            Swearing itself is not offensive to me. I am shocked to see it on a professional site, however, as I’ve felt that presenting a professional image is important for a business. I enjoy reading about new, unique, and interesting ideas in the wedding community.

          • Jean, when it’s a professional site dedicated to non-traditional weddings, I think non-traditional language is to be expected. If the language doesn’t feel right to you, that’s fine — but it doesn’t make the site less professional/effective as a business, given our particular market. Just ask our advertisers.

        • “Not professional and a tad offensive” should be the warning tag line on every wedding, post and comment on this site.
          Even when it is professional and generally unoffensive, we’re still just not the sort of company you’d bring to Aunt Agatha’s Saturday afternoon tea.

          • Unless it was a steampunk tea. With strippers. And cocktails. And rock climbing. And muppets. And and and…

        • I didn’t know the reference, but still I wasn’t shocked by the use of this word. When I come to offbeatbride I know it’s like meeting great friends for an afternoon talk, so sometimes f*** words slip it’s absolutely not a big deal, just like it wouldn’t be “offensive” amongst friends. As for calling it “not professional” I think the successful business Ariel has created speaks for itself regarding her complete professionalism!

        • The sort of professionalism that would never say “fuck” isn’t one I value. Basically because it’s about grasping class aspiration. The whole prohibition of Carlin’s seven dirty words is about the middle class frantically emulating how it thinks the upper class acts. It’s right there in the term “vulgar language”; vulgar means “what the commoners do”.

          • I did. Basically I changed right after the ceremony and photos out of my (gorgeous) proper shoes.

            My pregnant shotgun wedding feet couldn’t take even 1.5″ heels for another. Damn. Second.

            So it was awesome, plus everyone got to see my blue toenail polish. 😀

  1. LOVE the unique wedding venue idea! We are getting married at a ZOO! Our cocktail hour is spent in one of the exhbits. In fact, we skimped on almost everything else in our wedding so we could get a cool beans venue. (Incidentally, first choice was, in fact, under a dinosaur, but that was waaaaaaay expensive).

    • Celeste, yours & Jason’s wedding certainly deserved its being featured! I loved working with the two of you. What a great wedding and cool venue!

  2. …”I’m on a boat and, its going fast and…I’ve got a nautical themed pashmina aftan…i’m the king of the world on a boat like Leo…”
    Yup. This post rocks, and so does that song!!!

  3. Stupid landlocked wedding, I wanna get married on a boat! I am however getting married in my “flippie-floppies” irl simply because the thought of heels at my wedding makes me want to commit genocide.

    • Second that! I started my wedding in adorable purple suede pumps, and ended my wedding in my old black El Cheapo flip flops that I wore with my sweatpants to the venue that morning. Comfort rules, so go with what will let you walk, dance, and twirl. I wanted to wear flip flops from the beginning, but was talked out of it (My friends: Flip flops? At your wedding? IN JANUARY? Are you crazy?). Looking back, I could’ve saved myself some cash and some pain if I’d just gone with the flip flops from the beginning like I wanted to.

  4. We were going to get married under the dino, but geez was it expensive! Then we wanted the Queen Mary, but upon Googling “Queen Mary Weddings” we wanted something with more personality… so we traded both ideas for a car museum. The mister is a mechanic and I used to restore old trucks with my grandpa. Offbeat location of perfection: secured!

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