Taffeta-free alternatives for the Mother of the Bride’s Dress

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The thought of our batik and blue jeans-loving artist mother donning a demure taffeta sheath and bolero for the wedding strikes us all (but most of all my mom) as a little silly, but she'd still like to wear something festive that reflects her special relationship to the bride and groom.

She's stuck, my sister's stuck, I'm stuck. We'd love some offbeat ideas for the mother of the bride! -Megan

I consulted with my own mom about this one since she too is not the sheath and bolero type. She's a cool chick and totally understands how to look fashionable, non-frumpy, and age appropriate all at the same time.

Your mom should wear something that not only looks and feels good, but that expresses her style (and potentially the style of the wedding!). Here are some suggestions for the Offbeat Bride and Groom's moms out there. (Note: most of these come in plus sizes too!)

Click the photos to see where to buy!


Peach Blossom Maxi by Paper Crown (perfect for mom, unless the bride snatches it up first!)




How about this taupe and lime color-blocking with all those pleats from Jessica Simpson? Adorable.







Destination wedding in Hawaii? Color-loving mom? This might be her dream dress. IGIGI, an awesome plus-size shop, brings you “Rainforest Paradise” maxi.

This empire-waisted, swing skirted dress from Roaman's has a little bit of a retro vibe.


Kiyonna is such an amazing brand for plus-sized women. They really understand how to work the curves. This dress is all scallop, lace, and just the right amount of stretch. It also comes in classic black.

This crochet-style casual dress from Roaman's would be perfect for an outdoor or barbecue wedding. Or, you know, in my closet! It comes in five colors and plus size too.

Having a renaissance or period wedding? Your mom will look the part in this drape-y loveliness from Lotus Traders. It comes in regular and plus size, and also in a peacock blue.

pant-suitSometimes you just don't want to sport a skirt, and that's totally cool. You can always get a lightweight pantsuit like this one or this one:

Blue Colorblock Jumpsuit from Avenue

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So, what is your (or your partner's) mom planning to wear? Let us know in the comments.

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Comments on Taffeta-free alternatives for the Mother of the Bride’s Dress

  1. Oh my goodness… That first dress is just stunning. It would look completely gorgeous on my mother (or I’d like it for myself, even), but I’m not even engaged yet!

  2. Thanks for this!

    My mother hated the idea of having to find an appropriate ‘mother of the bride’ outfit because she doesn’t like clothes shopping at the best of times and the typical outfits are not remotely what she’d normally wear.

    I’ve tried telling her when the bride is in dark blue it throws all the rules on what you ‘have’ to wear out the window and she can wear what she wants but that didn’t seem to click. Maybe showing her this post will.

  3. wow! Thank you SO MUCH for this. Me & my mom are both stumped as to what she wants to wear! This may just give her a bit of inspiration! I too LOVE the first dress and this it would look fabulous on my mom. I also love the 7th dress! thanks thanks thanks.

  4. I’ve been eyeballing eShakti.com and just ordered my first dress from them. They have a lot of different styles, and they can all be ordered in custom sizes, made to your measurements, with sleeve length, skirt length, collar, all also customizable, for an extra $7.50. There are a lot of dresses that I think could work for MoB options.

  5. You could also think about an ao dai – not your typical MoB outfit, but still obviously ‘special’.

    • I’m desperately searching for an ao dai type out fit for MoG..any suggestions of where to look? Have yet to find any that look suitable online (I’m UK based).

  6. I’m the girl who wrote in, initially, and I am LOVING these. So inspiring! Mission: get my mother into that red and blue sequined outfit from Whirling Turban begins NOW.

    • OMG, That one was one of my favorites!!! If I could pull something like that off I’d be getting it for myself RIGHT NOW!

  7. Those are great suggestions…I have a groovy offbeat mama too, who I could see digging some of these options. Also, I’ve been checking out the designer Nataya at http://nataya.com/, a lot of brides go to her stuff for dresses, but she has great guest, MOB, and wedding posse items too.

  8. My mom is cute and was worried she’d look like a frumpy old thing at the wedding. Luckily, she found a lightweight, fuchsia jacket (blazer? I think it was organza?) and a cute knee length black skirt at Von Maur. She looked adorable.

    and then she freaked out for two weeks because she was worried about wearing black to my wedding. (sigh) It was the perfect outfit for her. 🙂

  9. Thanks for this post! I ADORE that first dress. (Heck, I want to wear it, forget my mom.)

  10. Yes! My mom does not wear dresses and/or skirts full stop!! She is always wearing black v-neck shirts. She found flowy black pants (very full looking) and a black/gold jacket top thing. She looked fantastic and more importantly, she looked like herself! I was all about people coming “as they are” to our wedding and we totally got that.

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