How did I just discover these vintage-y wedding dresses under $200!?

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plus size scalloped dress on offbeat bride

[related-post]For those of you who are leaning towards the vintage-y/classic end of the wedding aesthetics spectrum (as opposed to the rainbow carnival freakout or zombie-chic), I've found some crazy gorgeous dresses for dirt cheap. Some of this stuff reminds me of BHLDN's styling, but without the $128 buckets and other overpriced pomp. These dresses are like vintage-tinged fever dreams that I want to crawl into and pretend I'm more understated and chic than I actually am. (We all know what end of the spectrum I'M on.)

And the prices? HOLY SHIT. Cute vintage-styled dresses under $300? And sweet-ass accessories like veils and headpieces under $50. Aww, yeah. Let's take a look:

(As always, click the pictures to learn more.)
grace karin dress on offbeat bride

wedding dress under 100 dollars on offbeat bride

affordable wedding dresses on offbeat bride

red wedding dress on offbeat bride

cute wedding dress under 100

affordable chifon wedding dress

aline wedding dress under 120

black wedding dress on offbeat bride

chiffon wedding dress on offbeat bride

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  1. Their lookbooks are indeed gorgeous, although I’m amused by the inclusion of white ponies in some of the shots. Look, it’s my bridal pony! Even better, two bridal ponies! With flowers in their manes!

    Aaand now I’ve gone and earwormed myself with ‘My Lovely Horse’ 🙂

  2. So lovely and super affordable! I’ve been looking for something off-white and shaped like the Addison Lee dress but can’t find much out there. Wish it wasn’t so extortionate to order to the UK.

  3. I’ve been shopping at Ruche for a couple years now. Just an FYI to all you Canadians out there, they ship via regular post, so their shipping rates are actually very reasonable.

  4. Do you know where I can possibly find the Audrey dress. It has been out of stock at Ruche for a couple of months and I am desperate to have it!

  5. I love posts like this, yay for gorgeous things that don’t break the bank! But having had this live-and-learn moment myself, I have to warn any Offbeat brides considering the Ophelia dress in gold from Lindy Bop…online it looks gorgeous and shimmery and buttery and ALL OF THE THINGS…but when it arrives, you will find it is a HOT KHAKI MESS. The fabric is dull and too dark, and at least speaking from a curvy gal’s side of things, the cut is horrendous and not at all made for a plus size lady. Take the word of a bride-to-be who was crushed upon the arrival of a not-so-dream dress…and has pictures to prove it.

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