Triple-threat wedding photography from Seattle’s Jonas Seaman Photography

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Seattle wedding photographer Jonas Seaman is totally full of win. He started out as an artistic photographer, whose work has been on exhibit as art installations all over the world, but he fell in love with wedding photography when he realized how much fun shooting them can be. So he loves weddings, he's got an amazing artistic eye, AND he's actually budget friendly! Triple-threat, bitches!

Check him out…

Jonas Seaman loves to have fun with his photography. The photo above is from an awesome wedding on a Port Orchard golf course. He explains, “I mainly shoot weddings with a few high-end digital cameras, but with this one I brought along some toy film cameras to play with too.” Amazing, right? Give me a photographer who can rock the toy cameras AND the fancy schmancy gear ANY DAY.

I love this quote from Jonas, it basically sums up this photo perfectly, on top of summing up what I would want from a photographer…

I like to experiment and have fun when I shoot but I definitely strive for the photos to represent the bride and groom and the feeling of the day. I shoot weddings as a photojournalist for the most part. I know the photos will be viewed and cherished for many decades to come. I concentrate on the characters, the environment, and the emotions of the event.

To me, what is most important is making sure that the bride and groom have their story captured and preserved.


We know how important up-front pricing is to OBBs… So, we should all applaud Jonas Seaman for having such straight-forward prices! Seattle/Tacoma area, you guys luck out with $1500 wedding photos! That includes the entire day of photography, an online gallery of your images, plus a CD of all your pics.

Jonas also travels to both the East and West coast. So if you want wedding pics by a super talented artistic photographer, for a non-budget busting cost, hook up with Jonas Seaman Photography.

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  1. I’ve been a fan of Jonas’ work for years!! He is insightful, creative and whimsical; all without taking away from the sentimental and profound. I would use him for any event you can!! He’s amazing!!!

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