3 unconventional (and surprisingly affordable!) Los Angeles wedding venues

Guest post by Kimmy Erin

I often help local friends plan their weddings, and holy crap it's SUPER hard to find “affordable” venues in Los Angeles. So I asked my friend Kimmy, who's currently planning a $10k wedding in LA, to weed out her favorite cheap but awesome LA venues.

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ZOMG, getting married in Los Angeles is so expensive. The wedding industry is stupidly pricey already, but then add a major city into the mix — especially a city that throws million dollar parties weekly — and finding a place to get hitched with a $10K budget becomes seemingly impossible. But no fear, after months of research I'm here to reveal four surprisingly sensational venues I found in Los Angeles that are as fun as they are freakishly cheap.

Caveat: I chose places that offered good value, which I define as offering tons of perks and amenities in the base price. There are venues that might be as cheap, but don't offer anything but the space, which, may make your life needlessly more difficult.

Seriously, short of getting married in a backyard, you won't find cheaper in Los Angeles! These places will make your day as woodsy, sparkly, feminist-y, or vintage-y as you want it to be without anyone knowing how little you paid for it:

Nature Friends

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 6.36.57 PM
$2200 breaking your bank? How about $1500 for your up-to-70-people wedding? Not bad, huh? Nature-y, beautiful, amazingly majestic views but with a fantastically rustic cabin as your centerpoint, Nature Friends in Sierra Madre also happens to be a non-profit for environmental issues. So you're saving pennies and the planet! WIN WIN!

The Thursday Club

Thursday Club exterior.
You like women's rights, right? Good. Then you'll love The Thursday Club, a La Canada-Flintridge historical building that dates back to the early 1900's when women were gathering to win suffrage. And because they love hooking other ladies up, they only charge $1500 for your wedding.

A gorgeous kitchen, beautiful courtyard, lovely garden, and grand hall with Spanish style details and chandeliers throughout make the party planning a cinch. BYOB, easy free parking, uber-cheap table rentals, and a super-dope stage are just added perks.

Oviatt Penthouse

Oviatt at night.

Okay, okay, so I like old shit. I'm sorry — it's just so pretty! Especially the Oviatt Penthouse, an architectural gem of LA built in 1928 that was only just recently opened to the public and events.

For a base price of $2700-$4000, the five-room penthouse includes a billion lbs (guesstimate) of Lalique crystal and glass and marble entirely imported from France. The outside patio is stunning, especially at night when the surrounding buildings and the clock tower above shine around you. Plus, there's a “powder room” (no, really, it has a few hidden cocaine trays in the bathroom), and velvet carpets, multiple bars, tables, chairs and your choice of linens are included, there are amazing photo ops, and delicious food that is entirely custom to your wishes and dreams and ethnicities!

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Now we want to know. What are some awesome and affordable venues in YOUR areas? Submit your findings today!

Comments on 3 unconventional (and surprisingly affordable!) Los Angeles wedding venues

  1. Oak creek ranch is no longer doing weddings. I contacted them yesterday and that is what I was told. 🙁

  2. Anyone know of any affordable venues for the ceremony only in orange county area, outside of the area is welcomed too? November 2014 thank you

  3. Does anyone know of any libraries that have a low cost that we can just get married at towards the riverside ca area we already have our reception planned somewere else but can’t seem to find a library that will just allow us to get married any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  4. Update on the Oviatt Penthouse cost:

    2015 Saturday = $5100 and on average they say for a Saturday wedding it ends up between 135-155/person, out the door. Not the cheapest option, but good value considering that covers your location, all food, everything associated with dinner setup and some nice little extras. The place is also BYOB, so the bar tending fees are included in the “out the door” estimate and no cake cutting fee!

    We actually booked this venue since it takes care of the “big” items leaving time to focus on the personal touches. PLUS this is such a unique and interesting space, we couldn’t resist!

    • yes it is 5500$ for site fee so they lowered it to 5100 ? when is your wedding I had mine last September
      it was actually featured


      also if you need ideas instagram #kcnajares

      hope you have a good experience ! I have seen they added décor which is sooo cute ! 🙂 let guests know about the steep bathroom stairs and stairs to inside the Oviatt’s bar 🙂 I had like 10 ppl fall lol perhaps it was the open bar who knows !

  5. Well, this was informative but im back to square one. The angelus mountain center is booked all of 2014-2015. 🙁 so i tried the nature friends and sent them an email. After waiting i wondered why i never recieved a response. If you read the policies it states it is a private facility for members only. You have to apply to be a member. 50 per couple. Then attend up to three meetings then have a fellow member sign you to be a member.
    So all in all, great venues, thought i found my venue but back to looking for an inexpensive venue again. 🙁 im starting to loose hope.

  6. Hi ! I came across this article in the midst of looking for a space for my client that is hoping for an “affordable” venue and to my surprise I found that you had listed my wedding venue that took place 9-7-13 at THE OVIATT PENTHOUSE. we booked our venue in 2011 because at the moment we chose a 2012 date, given that our site fee was $5500.00 NOT 2700-4k like you listed we pushed it to 2013 to add enhancements such as open bar. this venue is gorgeous I loved it but out the door with fees, food and drink it was a little over 15k I just had to share because if someone is looking up this space I would hate for them to be misinformed or at least not updated. The space claims to hold 120 guests sit down but I only had 100 and we all felt crammed to see more pictures of my wedding that was featured take a look 🙂 this wedding cost 30k fyi I just want bride to be’s to view realistically what it would cost to have a wedding at the Oviatt when you get married on a Saturday.


  7. This article was such a godsend…. my partner and I have been putting off and putting off getting married because MONEY but it’s starting to feel like its time, ya know? I am just in love with that first venue, plus wedding WEEKEND? Yes please!

  8. Someone already mentioned this but it needs to be repeated. Michael’s Tuscany Room in San Pedro is about the most affordable venue you will find in LA. I did a ton of research and almost opted for getting married at a park before I found this venue. We had a $10K budget overall for a little over 100 guests and we were able to stick to it.

  9. Hey everyone, I have been reading everyones posts and they are so helpful. My partner and I are looking for a rustic inexpensive venue within Southern Cali. We live in Orange County but our wedding will be Nov 2016 we want a place the resembles fall. We are looking for a place we can decorate bring in food and drinks. We are trying to stay within $5k-$10k for the wedding so the venue will need to be the majority of it. Please if anyone knows of a place please let me know. Thank you so much.

    • I had to share an interesting place that I just booked for my wedding in September 2016. It is called Reptacular Ranch and its right outside Los Angeles. Its technically a working zoo but it is set in the beautiful Angeles Forrest. I highly recommend checking out their website. http://www.reptacularanimals.com/weddings/
      They allow you to bring in anything you want including food and alcohol. They have power, provide bathrooms, string lights, tables, chairs and two areas for the ceremony. The whole package is under $2K for the day and for $25 extra dollars you can incorporate some of the animals in the photo shoots if you want. Everyone has been really halpful there so far. I am still in the beginning stages of planning but will update as the event gets closer!

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