Why we chose to have an “adventuring party” instead of bridesmaids and groomsmen

Guest post by Geoff

It's about time we heard from another offbeat groom! Here's Tribesmaid Fiddledragon‘s future husband with his insights into why they're having an “adventuring party” instead of a “wedding party.”

These dudes DEFINITELY look ready for adventuring together. Thanks to MrsSteel for uploading this to our Flickr pool.
These dudes DEFINITELY look ready for adventuring together. Thanks to MrsSteel for uploading this to our Flickr pool.

There were a wide variety of thoughts that played into our decision to have an “adventuring party” rather than the traditional set of bridesmaids and groomsmen. First, that particular paradigm didn't shout FUN in the way that an Adventuring Party did. We certainly didn't want to have to pair people off and balance gender count or sides anyway. That could easily become boring, or even *shudder* routine.

In addition, one of the themes of Steampunk is “life as adventure.” This is one sentiment we have a great deal of enthusiasm for and it informed our choice. We want to enjoy and risk and push ourselves in as many directions towards fun as possible and there is no better way to do it than in the company of those we love and care about. As such, the adventuring party is particularly symbolic of everyone we share our lives with — both family and friends.

Once we made the decision to name it that, we suddenly began finding other ways that the choice was appropriate…

Both of us played Roleplaying Games, from Live Action to Tabletop to Online, where grouping for better enjoyment and mutual support was a given. Groups of “heroes” abound in literature: from the Knights of the Round Table to the Avengers to Doc Savage's group of assistants. It also sparked the idea that led to the rather unique narrative style of our wedding ceremony.

One of the dictionary definitions of adventure is “to participate in exciting undertakings or enterprises.”

Choosing to eschew the conventional was a debated and measured choice on our part. We do feel strongly about some traditions and wanted to make sure that we changed things around intelligently, being very picky about the way and manner in which we adjusted the traditional format of a wedding. Changing to an adventuring party was one we felt strongly about. Social connections are crucially important to both of us, with our extended web of family and friends forming a bulwark against the vicissitudes of fortune.

All of the members of our adventuring party have helped us prepare for and/or are participating in the ceremony in different ways, as they (and all of our friends) do from day to day in life. From planning to coordinating; from errands to creative projects; from escorts to speakers to ringbearers. As in the rest of our lives, no contribution is unimportant; no moment of love or concern or company unnecessary.

The members of our adventuring party have, in many cases, known one or both of us for years (in the case of our children, their entire lives). Even those younger friendships involved are strong ones and will certainly stand well to the test of time. They are all very emblematic of the type of person we enjoy spending time with, representative of different stages and moods in our lives and having shared with us many exciting times over these years.

One of the dictionary definitions of adventure is “to participate in exciting undertakings or enterprises.” Sounds like living to you, doesn't it? It most certainly does to the two of us. We invite all of you, as a larger adventuring party, to join us in the great adventure of life.

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  1. I’m curious, how do you figure out your adventuring party? One of the biggest challenges I’m finding is figuring out a wedding party size, because I either feel like it will have to just be my stepsister, or it’ll be 50 of my friends because I’m that close to all of them! I know that’s not really a bad thing, but how do you keep your adventuring party from turning into your entire guest list standing next to you during the ceremony?

    • Jaya, the entire adventuring party doesn’t have to stand next to you during the ceremony. That’s not the defining characteristic of these folks, imo. The point is they all hold a place of honor in your lives, and in your event. Some of them may stand with you, others may do a reading, or serve as day of coordinators, or mother in law wranglers or cake servers or some other such important function. They’re all important, and they are all equal, but they’re all different. At least that’s how I envision it. The OP might mean something altogether different, but there’s my spin.

      • I would agree with this.

        While there were a number of people who are important in our lives that we could have chosen, narrowing it down to a few for specific reasons was really key, but then we didn’t limit help with the ceremony/reception to just those in the party.

  2. Hmmm Adventure Crew could be good term too. Like a ship crew, everyone has a role.

  3. We didn’t have ushers, we had sheepdogs/welcome wierdos. A couple of people who weren’t shy of telling people to get a move on and herd them into the room.

  4. Wow! I love this! Especially since I very often say of anything new I do or try “it’ll be an adventure!” ๐Ÿ˜€ Do you mind if I use the Adventuring Party concept, too?

    • We certainly don’t own the concept ๐Ÿ˜€ Please do!

      (We would have responded sooner, but we just got back from our honeymoon :D)

  5. this is totally awesome and I wish we’d thought of it (our wedding is in less than a month)! it would be cool to incorporate other geek/adventuring themes into this concept as well (i feel like there has to be table top rpg/d&d element about rolling dice or +5 charisma joke that could be added). we’re getting married on a ship (for our sailpunk wedding), so the wedding party standing next to us (or going down the aisle together) thing is kind of moot anyway. maybe it’s not too late to rename our wedding party to our adventuring party XD

    • We were making modifications and updates to our ceremony up to the last minute (*cough* my vows were written the night before *cough*) the important thing is that your wedding contains elements that are true to the two of you.

  6. This is a delightful idea. As a fellow gamer and lover of adventure, I adore it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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