Adorable wedding heels for less than $50

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cute shoes under 50

We all know this about super cheap shoes: some of them are designer knock-offs. Some of them aren't super comfortable or well-constructed. Some of them are available in limited quantities or are only available in limited sizes. Some of them are made under questionable conditions.

But every once a a while with my shoe posts, I prioritize one thing above all other interests: are they under $50?

If you're looking for sweet-toed offbeat bridal footwear that's going to give you fancy feet for the afternoon you get married, this is your post.

As of writing, all these shoes are available and all of them are under $50.

…By the time you read this, who knows what'll be left?

Random bonus shoe

Playing Air Guitar Boot in White

Offbeat Bride Vendor

This post features vendors from our curated Offbeat Bride Wedding Vendor Directory. They're awesome and we love them.

Comments on Adorable wedding heels for less than $50

  1. What, no wedges? Darn. Outdoor picnic wedding, you’ve foiled me again.

    Beautiful shoes though! Many I’d like to have for everyday wear!

  2. I’m wearing those blue flower peep-toe ones at the top for mine! (BTW – get a chafe stick if you get them.)

  3. *Sigh* As is the usual case of my life, none of the ones I like come in my size.

    Curse you, overly large feet!

  4. I lovelovelove looking at & drooling over gorgeous heels, but I just look awkward when I wear them. Okay, no, I *look* good — as long as I’m not walking around in them… which sort of defeats the purpose of shoes.

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