The adorable summer camp wedding that’ll make you say “awww” at least once!

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 | Photography by Justine Johnson
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Holy pink fluffy wonder cats! Get a peep at the latest Flickr pool uploads that have been tweaking out our brains in all sorts of fantastical ways. Tribesmaid allpowerful and her new husband had one hell of a wedding bash. Or as Ariel put it, “Adorable ADORABLE adorable. Did I mention adorable? Because: ADORABLE!!!”

Not only did this wedding have the most “adorable” fashion — fluffy ombre skirt (made by Offbeat Bride vendor KMKDesigns!) with a pink corset + a dude in a kilt!? — it also had pretty much everything one could want out of a wedding celebration. “Including fire?” you ask. Yes, including lots of fire…

Fire lighting unity ceremony

You know how much we love a unity tiki torch ceremony. Well, we especially love one when it's combined with a unity fireplace lighting.

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Ooh ooh, but also check out these adorable shoes. (Yes, “adorable” is the word of the day.) As allpowerful explains, “Once I had my corset on, I couldn't tie my own shoes. Still in love with my Fluevogs!”

Cotton Candy Machine

And what do I love more than cute shoes? Yummy treats, like cotton candy at a wedding.

Drinking Jars with Friendship Bracelet FavorsThen what better to wash down all that cotton candy with then a beverage from a Mason jar decorated with your very own hand-made friendship bracelet! (…Adorable, right?)

My cousin juggled for us the next morning

How do you end the wedding that has everything? … With MORE fire! Allpowerfull's cousin juggled fire for the guests the next morning. As ya' do.

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Want to see the full wedding? We've got you!.

photography: Justine Johnson Photography
dresses: KMKDesigns

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  1. yes please! let us know where on earth you live and where this summer camp is! I’ve researched quite a few summer camps but have found most of them to be too expensive — although we do live in LA ($$$$). Your wedding looks fun and lovely!

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