Texting Otter sez: "Mark Poulin's new pendants are the sweetest gifts EVAR"

Updated Oct 12 2015
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Texting Otter sez: "I love mah bridesmaidz!"

If you're not keeping up with our sister site Offbeat Home & Life, then you missed the first time we introduced you to our sponsor Mark Poulin. Which means you may have been living in a world in which you were completely unaware of the cutest jewelry for nerds and animal-lovers.

Don't worry, all shall be corrected now! Offbeat Bride readers, meet Mark Poulin and his new line of sterling silver charm necklaces. These quirky pendants — featuring the cutest texting otters, skateboarding goats, and boating cats — are perfect for your bridal party gifts.

Each freaking-adorable necklace is reversible, and has either a witty or heartfelt saying on the back, or a different design. Which means there's a total "two necklaces in one" bonus!

Check out some of our favorite designs…

You are the bee's knees necklace
You are the bee's knees necklace
The skateboarding goat necklace has another goat on the back.
The skateboarding goat necklace has another goat on the back.
One side has a swimming dog, one side has a boating cat (because, you know, cats and water don't mix).
This necklace has a swimming dog on one side, and a boating cat on the other (because, you know, cats and water don't mix).
And for the Halloween-lovers, this bat necklace says "fly by night" on the back!

Want to get your hands on one or ALL of them? It may be easier than to you think: Mark Poulin ships worldwide. It may be faster than you think: for most domestic orders you can actually get your goodies in one weeks time! And it may be more affordable than you think:

Offbeat Bride readers can use coupon code "OFFBEAT2014" at marmar.etsy.com or markpoulin.com and take 10% off your whole order (through December 31, 2014).

Listen to the Texting Otter and show your wedding party that love them through the quirky adorableness of cats, dogs, sloths, and Tesla. (Yes, Tesla.)

  1. The pendants are adorable, but the title of this post is what really caught my eye: I keep reading it as "Texting Otter sex".

  2. Okay, I definitely called partner in here, squeaked at the otter necklace. And he asked me if the otter had an OtterBox case, and we proceeded to giggle for a good 10 minutes. Needless to say, I will own that otter necklace after the next paycheck- thanks for featuring this shop! 😀

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