The most adorable bridesmaids you will see today, guaranteed

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I mean seriously — the peacock necklaces? The purple ribbon fascinators? The purple gloves!? And you haven't even SEEN the shoes yet!

For more adorableness from Sam's bridesmaids, keep reading!

Two of these bridesmaids are the groom's daughters…
sam and maids

Sam made the adorable fascinators that the bridesmaids are wearing:


She also made the peacock feather clips on the shoes:
shoes and tattoos

maids silhouette

The Bride & Groom are no slouches either:

Can you believe the groom is a GRANDFATHER!? Sexy grandpa! Damn!

4 generations

Here's the full wedding:

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Comments on The most adorable bridesmaids you will see today, guaranteed

  1. Wow! Beautiful! I was literally just thinking that if I had a bouquet I would want it to have peacock feathers in it. And peacock feather necklaces… ooooh!

  2. Wow! I know this is supposed to be about the bridesmaids, and they do look stunning (black + purple = WIN!) but I was completely distracted by the peacock feature bouquet.

    I may have to steal that idea, or at least encorperate it into existing ideas I have.

    • Such lovely comments guys,thanks 😉
      Being that so many have commented on it:-my bouquet was made by a lovely lady called michele,bought through her ETSY shop “amorebride”. Michele was soooo helpful-created my bouquet via e-mails of my ideas and designs.fab!it came with lots of peacock feathers but I, wanting as much featheryness as poss, added several more all around the outside of the bouquet to add extra drama! You should check out her shop, super reasonable prices too 😉

  3. wow, being that i’m basing a lot of my colours around Peacock stylin’, I can’t WAIT to see more from this gorgeous wedding!

  4. This has just confirmed my desperation to include as many peacock feathers in my wedding as possible!! The girls and the bride all look stunning (and that is definately the most attractive grandad I’ve ever seen…).

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