A little wedding photo gender role reversal

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Photos by Jessica Lewish Photo
Photos by Jessica Lewish Photo

Some of you may remember me griping about how wedding photographers love to shoot women sitting at their partners' feet. Even my beloved Leah Muse has used the “groveling bride/headless groom” pose!

So it's nice to see that Jessica Lewis Photo is flipping the script a bit with her shot of Brandon and Karen here. Bonus: look at how Brandon's hair matches Karen's bouquet!

Brandon is definitely a super stylish rock ‘n' roll groom. How much do you love his ruffled tux shirt western string tie? Really, we must check out more of these photos together, because the bride is gorgeous and the whole wedding party is smokin' hot.

(PS: thanks to Serena for pointing this wedding out to me, and Jessica Lewis for taking the shots.)





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