Here are four ways that A La Carte Albums will rock your wedding album needs

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Since we introduced you to sponsor A La Carte Albums back in November 2010, there have been a few awesome additions to the business that we're excited to tell you about.

If you recall, A La Carte Albums‘ approach is kind of like album couture — they start with a (free no-obligation) chat about what you want from your wedding album, and then the owner Jane comes up with a number of different options to fit your vision. There's no fitting your album into template A or template B. (That's the “à la carte” part of A La Carte!)

Keep reading to see the four ways A La Carte Albums will help you will make the daunting task of creating wedding albums a cinch. (Spoiler alert: one of them their special discount for Offbeat Brides.)

1. Get the styles you want

A La Carte offers a wide range of album options:

2. Keep it within your budget

A La Carte is committed to working with a wide range of budgets, from tight to luxurious. And always working within your chosen budget to get the effect you want, rather than trying to up-sell. As Jane put it, “You're going to be looking at your wedding album for a long time, I don't want people to look at it thinking ‘if only I had made extra car payments instead.'”

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3. Fix up your pictures

A La Carte offers more than just album design, they can also fix problem pictures! Yup, from just basic improvements all the way up to major retouches (most popularly, wardrobe malfunction fixes — bending over to cut cake + strapless dress = a little more show than a lady wants.)

Since that feature has become super popular A La Carte has now added the more-a-la-carte “DIY assistance” services for people who need just retouching, or just help editing their hundreds of wedding pictures down to a reasonable number for a book.

4. Save money

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: A La Carte Albums is still offering their 10% design discount for all customers who mention they found them via Offbeat Bride.

So while there is total creative freedom when you create an A La Carte album, there is also a lot of hand-holding to prevent decision fatigue. So drop 'em an email and see what you can create together!

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